With endless social campaigns like Power of 49, Dark is Beautiful, Save Our Tigers and so forth, there is a constant effort from corporate companies and governments to fulfil the social responsibilities.

But are social responsibilities the sole liability of the corporate world or the government? Do the youth, particularly students, have nothing to do with it? The social responsibility of students is significant in shaping a better society. Won’t little efforts count? They will.

Being a student, you too can make a difference by taking baby steps. Your participation in solving social problems has the power to promote personal and collective identity. You may be aware of different measures and ways to help, but the question is, do you implement them?

Are you from the group who blames the government for everything and doesn’t pay heed to me and my social responsibility as an individual? Well, it’s time to break that practice.

Guide to Fulfilling Your Social Responsibilities as a Student

Student social responsibility mainly focuses on taking responsibility for one’s own actions. It is a promise everyone should make for the society while working for the social, cultural, and ecological causes. These responsibilities are ethically binding and propose that each person acts in such a way that minimizes the adverse effect on those immediately around them.

For instance, most of the time you must have seen if two vehicles collide, the drivers blame each other for the mishap. By this act, they not only fail to take responsibility but are demonstrating a character trait which is very common in people who fail to succeed in anything.

Therefore, in accepting your faults, you are accepting a willingness to develop your character. It’s a little effort that brings a big difference around. Here are some of the basic steps to get you started for the revolution without disturbing your study schedule.

Start from Preserving

If the rotten things bother you and you hate the resources being wasted, then surely you are on the right way. “Charity begins at home.” This quote has been long told but hardly practiced.

Keeping the school or college building and surrounding neighborhood clean, picking up the litter and putting it in the trash can, can be your one step as a socially responsible citizen. You can also keep a check on reducing energy and water consumption. Every time you leave the classroom, ensure the lights and fans are switched off. Also, avoid leaving the tap water running. These minor practices can help in fulfilling the social responsibilities that you owe as a student. Different ways by which a student can fulfill their social responsibility activities in college students while they study.

Be a Volunteer

Have you ever thought of helping others in need? Is there a cause that is close to your heart? Would you like to help an organization that supports that cause? If yes, then you just unlocked the next social responsibility you could fulfill.

There are many projects launched by the government and NGOs to support different social causes like creating awareness for the importance of education, finding shelter for the homeless, looking after the sick people, spending time with old age people.

You can be a part of any of them. It won’t consume much of your time, and you will feel contented after giving time to something that is selfless. As it is rightly said, “The best feeling of happiness is knowing you’re the reason for others’ smile.”

Contribute to Make a Difference

You can always donate things that are no longer of use to you. Rewind a little, and you will find a number of things that are just sitting in your room adding onto nothing. For example, books, notes, assignments, gadgets, study table, etc. Also, you can turn to the local people to collect the books and other items.

Condone Any Form of Bullying

“Pulling someone down will never help you reach the top.”

“Bullying leads people to commit suicide.”

The majority of young adults who committed suicide could have been saved if help had been offered to them. Rescuing a young adult or teenager is possible with the right type of awareness and education. If you see anything unethical happening around, raise your voice against it instead of ignoring it and moving on as if you saw nothing.

Follow Ethics

Ethical code helps in understanding the difference between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and in applying that understanding to your decisions. For example, if you are given a chance to take up an opportunity that could be really beneficial to you, but it may result in a loss to your fellow people, would it be fair to grab it?

Being just to your morals is the prime social responsibility. After all, you are the one you are answerable to.

It takes a strong and adept thinking to make the right tradeoffs. “Every individual has a place to fill in the world and is important in some respect whether he/she chooses to be so or not.” Nathaniel Hawthorne.

It’s time to take a look in the mirror to see if you are ready to be a socially responsible human being or not. The opportunities are endless. Are you ready to choose?