MBA is a professional degree programme beneficial for students who want to pursue a master’s level degree in business administration or seek further growth in their management-related career. There are many different MBA Entrance Exams in India. Read this article to find Tips that will help you in MBA Preparation

An MBA degree is advantageous as it:

  • helps one to develop management skills
  • assists in connecting with a larger business network
  • helps in getting a higher salary and better opportunities for working professionals
  • helps aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own company
  • opens the door to lucrative career opportunities
  • exposes one to different cultures and places

MBA entrance exam in India

In order to pursue an MBA from a reputed college like Sharda University, one has to clear an entrance exam. Common MBA entrance exams are CAT, XAT, MAT and SUAT. Mentioned below are some helpful points for the preparation of major entrance exams.

MBA Preparation

CAT exam preparation requires a well-planned approach with time management.

  1. Understand CAT Exam Pattern: Focused preparation for MBA Entrance exams and self-study may prove futile unless you have dived deep into the details of exam pattern. Make sure that you are abreast with which sections to focus on, marks distribution and the importance of each section. 
  2. Take Mock Tests: To check your current level of preparation for MBA entrance exam, take CAT mock tests, in sections as well as in full length, this will help you in identifying your weak areas.
  3. Whether or not to join a coaching institute to help you in preparation: The decision relies on your requirement, availability of time, strong areas and areas of improvement, amongst various other components.
  4. Maintain a Time Table: As the preparation time reduces, you have to rework your time table by reviewing your preparation strategy and time left for preparation for MBA Entrance exams.

GMAT Exam Preparation

Following are some important points to help in your GMAT preparation journey:

  1. Consistency Over Intensity: It is essential to be sure of every concept and formula and be speedy in applying it. To improve this ability, it is suggested to practice daily, instead of cramming up everything at the last moment.
  2. Make a Learning Diary: One must record tricky questions (and questions that took you too long to answer) in a diary and maintain a complete record of it. During before-exam preparation, revisit these questions and understand the concept behind them.
  3. Set an Exponential GMAT Prep Timetable: The closer you get to your test date, the more time you should devote to GMAT preparation.
  4. Practise Using Laminated Drawing Board during GMAT Prep: Many test centres offer laminated drawing board for computations and rough work during the test. Hence, you may want to try your hands on them beforehand.
  5. Redo GMAT Prep Tests: It is a good technique to retake a prep test in which you earlier faced difficulty. Re-trying a prep-test opens you to more volume of questions and builds your confidence.

MAT Exam Preparation

Following are some important points to help in your MAT preparation journey:

  1. Understand Exam Pattern: Firstly, study and understand the MAT test pattern and get a hang of the syllabus
  2. Find out your strong and frail zones: Start building up the fundamentals and get conceptual clarity on the subjects which fall in your weak zone
  3. Don’t devote excessive time on theory. If you have understood the fundamentals, attempt MAT sectional quiz.
  4. Practice after theory: This is very important. Take a periodical MAT quiz, check out MAT previous years mock test, and MAT previous years question papers. Research and buy MAT preparation material with best books for MAT planning.
  5. Start Preparing Early: Beginning your MAT preparation early will give you an opportunity to evaluate yourself and conquer your shortcomings.

Remain confident throughout the preparation journey. Remember that self-preparation for MBA is the best preparation technique. Time management is likewise, a significant factor. In case of an event where you are unable to answer some question, you may tend to spend too much of time on a concept or feel let down. In such a situation, you must seek help from a teacher to understand a concept. This assistance can be given by an online or offline tutor depending on your preference.