Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management (BBA-HRM) is an undergraduate program of three years. Human Resource Management comprises of the managerial techniques in the general curriculum of BBA, with functional and proficient training in HR Management.

The Human Resource Managers are in high demand everywhere, in this high-paced environment of human resources. The strongest pillar every company needs is a team to endure the hiring of right people. Selection of the appropriate resources ensures the bright future of an organization. This is what Human Resource Management team do. They not only hire the right employees for the company, manage their tasks and help the business to grow. Moreover, it’ important for every company to have an HR team (right from employers to mangers) to be skilled enough, to help the hired employees do their best. And, BBA-HRM offers you to learn such skills that can get your hands on the career in human resource management sector.

BBA in HRM throughout the course period teaches you an array of skills to cope up with various situations HR personnel often encounter while structuring the organizational model. To breakthrough into this field, having the knowledge about HR isn’t enough, but it requires multiple skills to excel in BBA-HRM career.

Let’s sneak peak a bit more on what skills this program helps to develop.

Most Important Business Skills you learn while pursuing BBA-HRM

Imagine sitting on one side of the desk as an applicant, right after sometime, the sides get flipped and boom! You are on the hiring side now. That’s the irony of the HR department. But, it’s not a matter of a blink, it’s DIFFICULT, may take years. But, if you want to make this your reality, you should enrol yourself in Bachelors of Business Administration in Human Resource Management course. The skills you will learn there can get you on the other side of the desk. It offers you to learn skills like:

Recruitment and Hiring Skills

Pursuing BBA-HRM makes you efficient in complementary set of decision making skills with some strong interpersonal skills. It’s not easy to select the efficient and right candidate for the company; there is a need of set parameters to judge. HRM teaches you the techniques and strategies to pick the right one. Moreover, the students are prepared for the interviews from both perspectives- employer and employee.

 Employees Growth and Development Evaluation

The studies of HRM help to develop successful and valuable evaluation process. It transforms the student into an efficient HR Manager who will be able to engage the employees in an in-process professional growth that will help to build a strong workforce. And, for that the students aspiring for this career should have great communication skills. Hence, the curriculum of this course includes the business communication & soft skills training as a mandatory topic.

Benefits and Compensation

This makes sense of having Compensation Management as a subject. It teaches you how to stay up-to-date on corporate trends in order to mould the benefits and compensations so as to support the retention and acquisition of the right employees. The subject makes the candidates skilled enough to address the loopholes in a system and find the solutions for the same.

Staff Development and Training

Employment Growth & Developmental Training is the fundamental skills a serious HRM program aspirant usually garners. This helps the students to develop the understanding of different types of employees to address their areas of interest. Gradually, on the basis of those interests, they have to process a training schedule for the staff development. When it comes to employee retention, team members should feel that they are going to learn something challenging, and that is supported by a good training session.

Nowadays, HR managers should be efficient enough to upgrade the workforce rapidly. And, this can be done by the required set of skills. BBA-HRM offers you learning those skills. Grab the opportunity and get your hands on a bright career.