What is meditation? Meditation is a part of Yoga. It is one of the eight limbs of Yoga. It is traditionally believed that divine powers live in the heart and through meditation one can catch the emotions in heart. Meditation is form of mental and spiritual experience. It brings the mind and body in perfect harmony. One can achieve true benefits of strong mind through meditation because strong mind and peaceful heart is reflection of meditation.



Mediation is the tool to improve the quality of life. To have very dynamic life style one should practice meditation daily. You do more activities, achieve newer goals and remain positive because of mediation techniques. Mediation works both on mind and body and thus results are more fruitful. So practice it daily. Meditation will change your professional approach, personal attitude and social life. The more you meditate happier you are . Regular concentration exercises like meditation is recommended by doctors too.

How to meditate? Generally mind wanders while trying to concentrate. One should learn to concentrate the mind. Whether it is keeping focus on breathing, looking at the particular object, or thinking about a particular thought. Doing these techniques help to get into meditative mode:

What is the importance of meditation?

  • Meditation improves the memory; it helps to introspect and develops good relationship. To attain mental serenity meditation is very helpful.
  • Meditation helps in reducing stress and it affects our nervous system . Stress influences our daily life to overcome stress one should meditate daily. Cortisol, the stress influencing hormone reduces to big margin because of meditation and serotonin chemical is released.
  • Meditation affects the stress and helps in quality sleep. To have a sound sleep is the goal of daily routine , and sleep is important to have sound functioning of brain and body. If one has good sleep he remains active and energetic throughout the day. If you do daily meditation you will be happier and your life will be healthier.
  • If you practice meditation daily for 15-20 minutes, you will not suffer from anxiety and depression also, your anger will be under control.
  • One can improve concentration through meditation . Generally, teenage group students remain very happy because they study with full concentration even that is sort of meditation. Students who face focus problems should do meditative exercises.

Meditation helps in slowing down aging, keeps emotionally stable, and improves the immune system. These days’ colleges and corporate world give lot of weightage to Yoga and meditation. They conduct workshops for students and senior managers. Like many Universities, Sharda University- a leading university of India, organizes and promotes yoga and meditation trainings. School of languages conducts daily yoga and meditation classes. Students are getting benefited and they assemble at 6:00 am to do yogic kriyas and Pranayams. Pranayama help them to have control on breathing. At Sharda we believe in holistic grooming of the students. Even Art of living people organizes yoga sessions at morning times. We believe meditation brings freshness in daily routine and we try to follow this spiritual approach. Students who do meditation are gaining a lot, they are able to study well, are having better concentration and their memory is sharpened. So Sharda is supporting students well being.