The National Cadet Corps (NCC) was formed in India in the year 1948 with an intention of promoting leadership qualities amongst youngsters. The initiative focuses on inculcating leadership, sportsmanship and enthusiasm in the cadets. While the participation of boys in sports was decent, girls needed a bigger push. A new wing in NCC was started for girls in the subsequent year 1949. The branch was started to make up for the lack of sufficient people in the Indian Army.

The cadets of NCC learn the measures through which they contribute in community services and are socially more active. NCC prepares these students so that they selflessly dedicate themselves in any need of the hour. Though the course was made compulsory in the year 1963, the regulation could not be implemented all over India. Not everyone had the will or chance to devote time to NCC. Hence, the compulsion was uplifted in the year 1968 when it was once again declared a voluntary service.

The success of this organization was first realized in the 1965 war when after the Indian Army, the NCC was considered as a reserved force. These cadets performed secondary duties, like supplying arms, and patrolling the enemy cantonments.

The form of NCC syllabus that is in force today has been reached after several amendments. Earlier, the cadets were restricted to learn about the armed force trainings and tasks. After recommendations, the military practices were taught so that the cadets could be prepared for official ranks in the army recruitment tests.

Joining NCC comes with a lot of benefits :

  • Students get extra points by which they get leverage in NCC, CDS and similar Army qualifying examinations.
  • Students get trained for shooting just like professionals.
  • The cadets get to gel along well with peers of same interests.
  • You get to enthrall yourselves with exciting adventure sports like Trekking, Scuba Diving, Para Sailing, and Cycling Expeditions, etc at minimal to zero cost.
  • The cadets have the chance to be privileged by marching in the events of high national importance like the Republic Day and Independence Day.

The universities and colleges who aspire to produce global citizens must take initiatives to promote their girl students to join NCC. Sharda University is one such advanced University that believes in emancipation of women and does practical work to bring women on the fore front. The University is all geared up to launch the 31 UP Girls Battalion (SW) NCC from the November 23rd. This great step is highly appreciated as now the female students who want to exhibit officer like qualities or learn similar ethics have a great chance.

To pick up leadership skills and endure physical activities should be on the bucket list of every girl. After all, the sky is high and one needs to explore it to the fullest!