If one is battling with questions like ‘what to do after BBA’ or ‘what can I do after BBA’, this article will help them to understand, interpret and analyse the coursework in a better manner. Courses like BBA in Entrepreneurship will help the candidates achieve professional security along with better knowledge of the business sector.

Scope of BBA Entrepreneurship

BBA in Entrepreneurship is a three-year undergraduate programme in the field of Business Management. It can be simply summed up as a field that enables the candidate to be a good entrepreneur or a businessman. The skills that make a good entrepreneur are a knack for innovation, and financial and business acumen. A good entrepreneur should be able to convert innovations into economically viable goods and services.

The scope of BBA entrepreneurship primarily revolves around the candidates’ ability to start their business enterprises. The programme helps them in gaining knowledge of the field to make them efficient businessmen. One must be able to distinguish, analyse and evaluate global and local businesses. With the help of the knowledge gained while pursuing the degree, the candidate will be able to create new and independent business enterprises. It equips the candidates with creativity so that they understand the set-up, processes and progress of an enterprise.

The coursework is developed around the following modules:

  • Financial planning
  • Legal knowledge
  • Marketing strategy
  • Operating of a business
  • Sources of capital
  • Succession
  • Valuation
BBA Entrepreneurship

Overview of Entrepreneurship as a Career

The eligibility for BBA in Entrepreneurship is the successful completion of 10+2 from a recognised educational board.

While establishing one’s business is an option, one may also consider landing a job where the expertise of entrepreneurship is required. Some candidates prefer working in an organisation before setting up their companies. This is helpful since it gives them time to understand the processes and figure out the loopholes.

The average salary offered to fresh graduates after this programme in India ranges between INR 30,000 and 50,000 per month. Working in another company gives the candidate a chance to avoid typical business errors and learn fruitful business practices.

Skills Required

One can be a successful entrepreneur only with an effective business plan and successful execution of the projects. In order to go for business advancement, the individual must have leadership qualities to build a team and take bold initiatives. The role responsibilities also comprise evaluating business opportunities, strategic decision making, business management and problem-solving skills.

The candidates must be capable of thinking out of the box. They should have the grit to face hardships and be extremely social in order to build great relationships and teams.

Career Options/Job Opportunities after BBA Entrepreneurship

There are umpteen job opportunities after BBA for fresh graduates in the field.  Jobs after BBA are offered in sectors such as management, finance and business operations. Graduates are hired for the following designations in the government and private sectors:

  • Assistant Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Business Reporter
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Commercial Banker
  • Executive/Office Assistant
  • Finance Controller
  • Franchise Operator
  • Fundraisers and Development Officer
  • New Venture Developer
  • Placement Coordinator
  • Research and Development Executive
  • Sales Manager
  • Senior Network Administrator
  • System Analyst
  • Teacher

Common career options after BBA Entrepreneurship are rounded up below:

  • Sales Representatives – The nature of the job requires engagement with clients and the individual deals with retail items, products, and services. Sales Representatives work along with clients and evaluate their needs, make arrangements, and guarantee a smooth sales process.
  • Business Consultant – Business Consultants work on methodology, arrangement, and problem-solving, and help the clients in business strategies and knowledge.
  • Business Reporter – Business Reporters work as journalists who examine business trends, patterns, and administration. The nature of the job includes analysing and broadcasting the news of business and industry.
  • Sales Manager – Sales Managers are leaders who guide a team of sales people in an organisation. The role is comprised of managing the goals, designing business plans, and investigating information. The sales managers manage sales training and sales domain. It also includes mentoring members of the sales team. At times, the managers take part in the hiring and terminating processes.

So if the questions of future after BBA are bothering a potential candidate, this article will help in shedding light on the professional relevance and general scope of BBA.