An Integrated LL.B course can open up a wide range of employment opportunities for you. Here, career options are not limited to government jobs. Following your graduation in law, you can also apply for various private jobs related to intellectual property rights, cyber law, company law, international trade & commerce amongst others, or enter academia and become a professor. Reading this blog will give you an idea of the top 10 career opportunities you can grab after your Integrated LLB.

Introduction: –

What do Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, and B.R. Ambedkar share in common in their educational background? It’s interesting that all of them were legal students before becoming prominent leaders in their own domains.

In the academic world, law is one of the most prestigious and established disciplines. A law degree is regarded as a highly valued qualification, and careers after an Integrated LLB are rewarding. This post will bring to forth the top options you can pursue after graduating from law school.

What is the Importance of a Law Degree?

In India, Integrated LLB is quickly rising to the top of the list of most preferred career options that students can pursue after completing senior secondary schooling. However, in the early days, students who showed a great interest in a law degree were bombarded with inquiries like, “Why study law when you already have other promising career options in your hand?” What are the alternative professions that would suit a law graduate, except the profession of a lawyer or a judge? What does a legal career look like? Is there adequate pay in the legal profession? What are your future plans after acquiring Law degree? 

The reason why people were more sceptical about the possibility of success in the legal profession was the limited number of government jobs in the area. Back in the old days, most of the career options after LL. B degree were largely confined to employment vacancies in government sector including judicial services. But as we moved towards privatisation and globalisation, almost all private companies and non-profit organisations began to understand the importance of the law and its huge implications in the corporate sector. Thus,  in the last two decades, the career options after law degree have become as promising as other non-technical professions. Today’s legal practitioners are not only restricted to courtrooms where they represent their clients but are being hired by multinational corporate houses, IT companies, banks, law agencies etc.

On top of that, the study of law would broaden the horizon of one’s knowledge base. It will help one understand the social, cultural and economic prospects of different societies and how they play their role in shaping the laws and regulations pertaining to civil affairs, crime, trade & commerce, and human rights in a particular nation and at the international level. Let’s look at some of the top careers after an Integrated LLB degree.

Career Options After Integrated LLB-Employment Opportunities

After earning your law degree, which could be either a five-year BBA LL. B, BA. LLB programme, you can apply for a plethora of lucrative job opportunities, available both in the government and private sectors. Some of the most popular job roles for law graduates are listed below.

Litigation Lawyer:-

Most legal professionals tend to consider this as one of the best careers after earning an law degree. In order to become a practising advocate in courts or to be a Litigation lawyer, you have to complete either a 3-year LLB course or a 5-year BBA LLB or BA LLB course. As a result, you will be qualified to practise law in India.

Apart from that, every law graduate is required to complete an internship with a law firm or a senior lawyer, if he or she is willing to become a litigation lawyer. The average internship lasts one month during the course of which students learn the skills to become successful litigation lawyer. One must pass the Bar Council of India’s exam in order to receive a certificate of practice, which will allow you to begin your legal practice.

Corporate Jobs: –

After law, lucrative career options are available in private sector. One of the most desirable areas for lawyers to work in is corporate law, which is also the most widely practised area of law in India. These experts can offer corporate company counselling in a number of ways, including by joining the organisation, working there full-time, or opening their own law firm as well.

In terms of the variety of opportunities it offers, this is one of the greatest job paths you may choose. Management-related specialists are needed in every business. You can enroll in a Master in Business Administration programme after earning your law degree. An MBA after acquiring a law degree would greatly expand your career options. Also, you will better grasp business laws if you obtain an MBA in Business Law. Some of the areas where the law graduates after completing MBA degree can get jobs are

  • Corporate Law Firms
  • Investment Banking
  • Real Estate
  • Services Sector

After acquiring an integrated B. Com/BBA/BA LLB degree one can enrol in an LLM programme with a corporate/commercial/business law specialisation. To advance your career in corporate law, you can also enrol in a PG Diploma programme in corporate, commercial, or business law. Any Corporate Lawyer’s pay is entirely based on the employer’s organisation and also upon the knowledge and skills of the aspirant.

3. Cyber Law Experts

The information technology industry is plagued by hacks, malicious assaults, and other fraudulent actions. Thus, after earning a law degree, cyber law becomes one of the sought-after careers. World-class organisations (both public and private) are in need of cyber advocates. Intellectual property, data protection and privacy, cybercrimes, and electronic and digital signatures are all issues that a cyber law expert must deal with.

Computers, networks, and mobile devices make up the core of the cyber realms. If you want to become an expert in the field of cyber law, you can choose from any certification programme, diploma, or degree. Holders of a degree in law with a Cyber Law Certification can land you employment opportunities as cyber assistants, cyber assistants, or cyber advocates.

Cyberlaw specialists can also be hired by Multinational Corporations (MNCs), Corporate Businesses, Government Firms or Public Departments, Law Firms, and Law Enforcement Agencies. A cyber lawyer’s pay is based on their educational background, geographic region, and work description. Therefore, while considering the employment opportunities after law degree, you can easily focus on cyber law-specific career opportunities.

4. Company Secretary

The position of company secretary is another lucrative option available after earning a law degree. Therefore, you can enrol in one of the top company secretary programmes after receiving your law degree. Recent years have seen a significant increase in the popularity of the LLB+CS combination, and many employers are looking for candidates with both credentials. For CS, you must sign up for the Institute of Company Secretaries of India’s certification programme.

You will receive a handsome salary and job description. However, the LLB and CS combination will only be effective in the corporate setting, not in traditional law offices. When considering employment alternatives after receiving your law degree, being a CS is a terrific opportunity to seize.

5. Business Law

Take the choice of Business Law if you want to widen your horizons. This is one of the best careers to pursue after earning a law degree. With this job path having so many alternatives, you can go global. Management-related specialists are needed in every business. You can pursue a master’s degree in business administration after earning your legal degree.

People who pursue an MBA after earning a law degree have substantially higher salaries than those who only hold standard LLB degrees. Depending on the type of firm you apply for and your level of competence, if you additionally possess an MBA, top positions are available with multinational corporations, legal consultancies, newspapers, international organisations, sales tax & excise departments, and regulatory bodies.

6. Civil Services

Numerous law graduates desire to work in the Indian civil services. There are competitive exams, such as those offered by the SPSC, UPSC, and other public service commissions through which law graduates can get into civil services. After receiving law degree, top employment is accessible through these challenging tests. These might be managerial and administrative positions at various tiers of India’s executive branch. Additionally, you can submit an application to join the Indian Government’s Department of Justice if you have acquired sufficient experience.

7. Judicial Services: –

This is unquestionably one of the best careers you can pursue with a law degree if you want to go to the top of the justice delivery system. Thus, if you excel academically and have the time to devote to preparing for competitive exams, you can join the judiciary after acquiring your law degree. After qualifying the exam, you can work as a public prosecutor, district and session judge, or magistrate. The pay for these specialists is determined by government standards. Unquestionably, after acquiring law degree this is one of the most sought-after professions.

8. Academics & Research

When it comes to one of the sought-after careers after earning a law degree, education sector offers lucrative and respectable career options. To pursue this profession, you will have to enrol in an LLM program after earning a law degree. With an LLM, you have the option to specialise, giving you a chance to gain expertise in a particular area. Additionally, if you decide to pursue a Ph.D. in the future, it opens the door for becoming an academician in a university or a college.

9. Legal Writing and Media

You might not have considered this in relation to one of the most sought-after careers after earning a law degree. However, think twice before you decide. The publishing and media sector is enormous. Lawyers and legal advisers work for news channels as well as print media like newspapers and magazines. They are essential in educating the people about the law. Common people are unable to comprehend legal issues which commonly effect society. A lawyer who works in the media clarifies and makes these important concepts understandable to the general public. Consequently, it ranks among the most rewarding yet frequently disregarded careers after acquiring law degree. So be on the lookout for this, since it may lead to some excellent employment prospects.

10. Human Rights

If you want to benefit humanity, becoming a human rights activist is one of the best careers to pursue after earning your law degree. People with these interests can operate in the diverse field of human rights. Such experts are employed by governmental, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organisations.

Wrapping Up: –

We discussed the lucrative employment options available to those with a law degree, but in the end, your passion should be what propels you toward a certain field. Make sure the job path you chose after a law degree is in line with your passions. Move forth if you believe this is your calling. You and other deserving candidates might apply for any of these positions after earning a law degree.

FAQ: –

1. Can I get an MBA after I have a law degree?

Yes. That would be the best choice for a profession after receiving a law degree. Although there are many opportunities available after receiving a law degree, getting an MBA in Business Law would put you ahead of the competition.

2. What is the best profession to pursue after Integrated LLB?

That is all up to you as concentrating on a certain area that you are enthusiastic about is crucial. Any sector could fit these criteria (finance, healthcare management, entertainment, IT, electrical and electronics). Following your law degree, you can apply for numerous government positions as well.

3. After becoming a law graduate, what career option do I have?

After your law degree you have numerous options to choose from depending upon your skills and passion. You can become a criminal or a corporate lawyer, join judicial services or other government services or can also work in private sector

4. Can I pursue an LLB after completing my 12th grade?

No, you cannot begin LLB immediately after the 12th. After your 12th-grade year, you might choose to pursue BA LLB or BBA LLB.

5. Which combination—CS+LLB or CS+CA—is more advantageous?

In order to get a career after a law degree, a dual speciality is always preferable. When CS+LLB and CS+CA are compared, CS+LLB is more prevalent for careers in law. The majority of employers seek out candidates with CS+LLB degrees. The prospects can therefore check out a variety of job alternatives from this page.