Demand for computer science is rising in the modern era due to its increasing value. Computer science is a very lucrative career because of the field's rapid technological advancement and growing need for qualified workers.

The fields of computer science courses after 12th grade are plentiful and include the well-established routes of obtaining a Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering or a Bachelor of Computer Applications, as well as the innovative areas of Data Science, Cybersecurity, and Mobile Application Development.

Whether you want to work in traditional IT businesses, protect the digital frontier, or develop the next big mobile app, this blog is your ticket to the kind of employment in computer science that is constantly changing and exciting.

What to do after 12th Computer Science?

If you are a computer science student in the 12th grade, you have seen this question more than once. We have created the following article to help you clear up your confusion. This blog discusses the most excellent courses and most lucrative employment opportunities in computer science following your 12th-grade education. This is an offer to join a world where algorithms shape the future and code threads weave the fabric of creativity—it's more than just a job opportunity.

After completing their 12th in computer science, students can use this blog to navigate the multitude of alternatives available to them by learning about areas of speciality, educational trajectories, and the current situation of the technical sector.

That said, while you're here, let's take advantage of the many chances ahead of you and use your understanding of bits and algorithms to impact the future.

Career Options After 12th Computer Science

Selecting the top computer science courses to take after high school is thrilling. Knowing the responsibilities and tasks of each career path will help you choose one that best suits your interests and goals, providing you with a distinct entry point into the world of technology. Having established your eligibility for courses beyond your 12th-grade computer science degree, let us now address your top job options:

1. Software Engineer: 

Following a 12th-grade education in computer science, software engineering is one of the most sought-after job paths. Software engineers are crucial in creating and developing software. They collaborate with software developers and designers to produce the final product.

Experience doubles the likelihood of receiving a decent salary package in this field, where pay is excellent. A software developer typically makes approx. 5.1 LPA each month. In the upcoming years, this dynamic industry is expected to increase due to the advancement of technology.

2. Cloud Computing Professional:

Another option is to pursue a career in cloud computing. It's one of the tech industry's highest-paying jobs—the field of cloud computing deals with creating and applying cloud-based technologies.

Typical positions in this industry include technical architect, DevOps engineer, and solutions architect. In India, 8.3 LPA is the average compensation for a civil engineer. A bachelor's degree might not be enough for a high-paying position in this industry. You ought to enroll in a cloud computing program for advanced certification. It would enable you to stand out to recruiters and secure well-paying positions.

3. Data Scientist:

Data science is a relatively new and lucrative career path for computer science majors. As a data scientist, you will gather and utilize much data to address business issues. In India, the average yearly compensation for a data scientist is INR 8.14 lakh.

In this field, the starting salary is approximately INR 3.43 Lakh annually, but as you gain expertise, your income can reach up to INR 20 Lakh annually.

4. Web Developer:

For computer science students who want to pursue an interest in the internet and website building following their 12th grade, B. Tech is an excellent option. It advances your aspiration to write front-end and back-end web programming as an IT specialist.

These specialists determine the firm's needs before working with designers to finish the website's appearance. Web developers usually use web designers' wireframes. They guarantee that a user's experience on a website is safe, entertaining, and functional.

5. Application Developer:

Bio-computer courses taken after your 12th grade can help you become an application development specialist. An application developer is someone who writes, releases and maintains software for a specific hardware platform and operating system.

These professionals test patches for security flaws and repair and maintain software. An application developer's annual pay in India ranges from INR 3.0 LPA to INR 16.0 LPA, with an average of INR 11.2 LPA. An application developer can make a desktop or mobile application.

6. Network Security Engineer:

The B. Tech program, one of the most excellent computer engineering courses after the 12th grade, provides access to network security. Corporate network security systems are designed and overseen by network security engineers.

These professionals install firewalls, maintain cybersecurity software, and scan for security holes to protect a company's network infrastructure. During cyberattacks, these professionals locate the problem, isolate it, and resolve it to prevent future attacks.

7. Cybersecurity Analyst:

To defend our virtual environment from online threats and bad guys, a cybersecurity analyst is akin to a digital superhero. They protect our online security. These experts protect networks, computer systems, and private data against hackers and other nefarious actors.

Firewalls, or virtual barriers surrounding your online area, may be installed by them, and they may employ antivirus software to find and eliminate any unwanted software. A bachelor's degree in cybersecurity or a related discipline is typically necessary to work as a cybersecurity analyst.

Students studying computer science after their 12th grade find it relatively straightforward. With an average pay of INR 6.3 LPA, the compensation range for a cyber-security analyst in India is INR 2.7 Lakhs to 11.5 Lakhs.

8. AI/Machine Learning Engineer:

After 12th grade, one of the most sought-after computer degree programs is becoming an AI/Machine Learning Engineer. Like a digital artist, an AI/machine learning engineer trains computers to think and act independently.

A bachelor's degree in computer science or a similar discipline is typically pursued by those who want to work as AI/Machine Learning engineers. In India, salaries for machine learning engineers range from INR 4.0 LPA to INR 30.0 LPA, with an average of INR 11.6 LPA per year. These engineers frequently work on real-world projects and specialize in languages like Python to further refine their skills.

9. IT Support Specialist:

Like a helpful tech expert, an IT support specialist ensures everything works properly in the digital realm and assists in resolving computer issues. These experts help people and organizations with computer-related difficulties through problem-solving, bug fixes, and troubleshooting.

Most people who want to work as IT support specialists have a bachelor's degree in IT support or a related field. An IT support specialist's annual salary of INR 5.5 LPA is typical. Communicating answers in simple terms requires strong problem-solving and communication abilities, which are essential in this position.

10. Database Administrator:

A digital librarian who arranges and preserves information in a virtual library is a database administrator (DBA). They are the data custodians, ensuring information is handled correctly, retrieved, and preserved.

After completing their 12th-grade computer science course, students usually pursue a bachelor's degree in database management to become database administrators. DBAs oversee sophisticated software to handle data effectively. In India, a database administrator's (DBA) annual compensation ranges from INR 4.8 LPA to INR 23.5 LPA, with an average of INR 10.6 LPA. They look after databases' security and integrity, serving as the custodians of our digital knowledge.


There are numerous high-paying computer science courses accessible after the 12th grade, offering an almost limitless array of career options in India. The domains of software development, cybersecurity, data science, and the intricate realms of network management and artificial intelligence offer a wide array of intriguing alternatives.

These best computer science engineering courses for post-12 students fulfill individual interests and the ever-growing demands of the tech-driven world. Regardless of whether a student opts to enroll in a highly specialized program or a regular degree, the vibrant and quickly increasing field of computer science offers the finest job prospects in India.