One of the most well-liked programs among students is the Bachelor of Arts (BA). By expanding specializations like English, Geography, Political Science, Economics, History, Psychology, or Archaeology, the curriculum enables the progression of particular career paths. Because BA majors can lead to so many different career paths, it could be difficult for students to decide which program to pursue after a BA to land lucrative bachelor's degree jobs.

Career Options After BA

  1. Continue Your Study in Your Subject (MA): After earning a BA, a Master of Arts degree is one of the most sought-after career options. If you have a strong interest in an area of study you studied, this can be a fantastic choice for you. Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts program can pursue postgraduate degrees in the areas in which they have the greatest curiosity by enrolling in master's programs. To progress in their disciplines and broaden their employment prospects, students usually seek a master's degree in the subject of their choosing. Being able to explore and look into other options makes it one of the most well-liked methods. Individuals holding an MA degree are eligible to apply for PhD programs. Therefore, postgraduate degrees are an option for those who wish to work in academics.
  2. Go for an MBA: A Master of Business Administration is known as an MBA. After graduating, many who frequently ponder "Can a BA student do an MBA?" do so. select it as one of the top jobs available in India. The fact that this vocation offers such a wide variety of specialized opportunities is the reason so many people choose it. In an MBA programme, you can enhance your managerial abilities by studying how to address company problems. An MBA is advantageous in both public and private companies. Likewise, the ability to solve business problems will help you in your entrepreneurial endeavors.
  3. Focus on Business Analytics: If you've always been fascinated with using the newest technology in everyday settings, you could consider a career in business analytics. The core of business analytics is the analysis and examination of past business performance to acquire insight and modify strategy. As the word suggests, business analytics specialists examine problems and provide practical answers. They use information from past choices, actions, and results to inform future decisions for the firm.
  4. Earn a Diploma in Data Science and Become a Data Scientist: It's widely accepted that a degree in science or a closely related field is necessary to work in data science. It's not accurate. You can become a data scientist and work as an employee with a BA degree. You can begin a new adventure by enrolling in a Data Science program. The study of extracting knowledge from structured and unstructured data through scientific systems, procedures, and algorithms is known as data science. It can be applied to data cleaning, large data, and deep learning.
  5. Acquire Digital Marketing Knowledge (PG Certification): If working in the digital industry has always been your dream, you can become a digital marketer. Digital marketers are a useful tool for businesses and organizations to advertise their services online. Digital marketers help their customers use the internet more efficiently so they may grow their clientele and enterprises there. The internet industry can be a great career choice if you have an appetite in that area of the business.  To work in digital marketing, you have to engage in a postgraduate course. Having finished this course, you will have a lot of employment alternatives, such as manager of digital marketing, content writer, social media professional, search engine marketer, and more.
  6. Join the Insurance Industry (Certification): The insurance sector is growing rapidly in India. People also wish to be financially prepared for such dangerous times. If you're socially inclined, you might begin working in the insurance sector. Your pay may start at 2.5 LPA once you complete the program. 
  7. Become a Lawyer (LLB): After obtaining a BA, one of the most popular career paths is entering the legal industry. To practice law in India, one must hold a Bachelor of Legislator Law (LLB). After completing this program, you are eligible to practice law. For someone deeply involved in the legal system, there are numerous choices. If you hold an LLB, you can serve as a legal counselor for companies and organizations. A popular alternative career path is to prepare for the Judicial Services Exam and pursue a career as a judge.
  8. Journalism: The most popular and best program available to students after a BA in journalism. In journalism, the data needs to be gathered and made available via a variety of mass media platforms. Journalists cover the news and discuss other important topics in written, spoken, and visual forms. They could be experts in a particular field (crime, governance, athletics, entertainment, business, and finance) or possess a print, broadcast, or digital quintessence.


Don't be overwhelmed by the abundance of options and career chances available to BA students. Instead, use a self-evaluation to determine which route best suits your professional objectives. Choose a job that appeals to you from the many alternatives available.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What are the benefits of earning a degree of BA?

With a bachelor's in arts, you can develop convenient skills like good writing, research, and critical thinking. Potentials for employment and further education are greatly lengthened by holding a BA degree. If you are fascinated by research, a Ph.D. programme and subsequent research endeavors will allow you to specialize in a particular area of interest.

  • What do graduates do with their BAs?

Yes, a student may opt for higher education in castigations like MBA (Masters of Business Administration), MA, Post-Graduation Diplomas in Digital Marketing, Management, Computer Technology, Media, Filmmaking, Journalism, HR, Photography, Hospitality Management, and so forth.

  • Is a BA degree a wise choice?

Graduates of the BA Education programme have several reputable business and public sector jobs to choose from both in India and overseas.

  • Can I pursue an MBA after earning a BA?

Yes, that's the answer to that query. After earning a bachelor's degree in any field—whether arts, commerce, or science—you can pursue an MBA. To apply for several MBA entrance examinations like the CAT 2020, GRE, GMAT, XAT, SNAP, etc., you must have at least a 50% grade point average in your undergraduate degree.  

  • How long does it take to earn a BA?

A three-year undergraduate degree programme called the Bachelor of Arts is available in several specializations or fields. This programme is available in the humanities or arts.