Culture and traditions are very important in student’s life. As he embarks to build career, it is important how his personality molds in the environment of University. University is a place which has many dimensions where students can be good athletes, confident performers, and a care less foot loose, an obedient student, a profound doctor while pursuing their academics. A university’s culture, tradition, and values are not only important, they are vital to the wellbeing of the institution because they provide stability and continuity.


Sharda University’s campus life is potpourri of various cultures, regions, countries, ethnicities, flavors, and cuisines. At Sharda University students get all round development. They remain high in spirits but at same time remain grounded because of the competitive environment. Sharda University offers a world class infrastructure to its students. Keeping at par with modern and tech savvy world, the campus of Sharda University is high tech with WIFI facility, technically build classrooms, latest equipped classrooms, modern laboratories, and digital libraries.

The events and competition groom the students, by providing opportunities to participate in presentation, lectures, debate and group discussions which enrich their intellect. The campus has a culture of sports in the evening so after long day lectures hostellers gather at the ground to play basketball, football, cricket etc. The overall environment of the university is very sportive and active which makes students even with less enthusiasm and spirits also start practicing gym and yoga. They develop the habit that in long run creates the sportsmanship in them.

The diverse culture and with 27% students from various countries and continents make Sharda a global university. Sharda University has cosmopolitan culture, that helps students to see things beyond boundaries, apart from academics they get platform to explore new cultures; they visit different countries and avenues for higher studies. They are given responsibilities by allowing them to take active part in the events like chorusojasvat, societies, kartavya organization and writing for the Shardans (The college newspaper) the culture is of discipline with fun.

Sharda University is not just a 63 acre campus with more than 25,000 students. It is a huge family that gives support and bonding to its highly energetic students and faculties. People live here with harmony and wisdom. In the quest of knowledge and drive for victories students especially are working to be successful in life and outer world.