Arnab Goswami – The man you may hate, you may love, but never ignore. He has taken television journalism to a whole new level. And, so the scope of Journalism & Mass Communication is heading to the peak.

The man with the catchphrase ‘Nation wants to know’ is a brand in himself.

Along with Arnab, there are other bold journalists like Barkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar, and Sudhir Chaudhary, also. They have transformed the forefront of media journalism in the country. At the present time, with the dawn of digital age, we have seen a great advancement in media. And its influence on society. But before knowing about the scope of Journalism & Mass Communication degree, let’s try to understand the mass media in our society.

The primary function of the media is to provide information to the people in different forms. At the present time, it is important to stay updated with the world affairs to socialize and construct opinions. In addition, another vital function of the media is entertainment which is used to affect the minds of the masses. Furthermore, media is also responsible for educating the masses about their rights and obligations to the society.

The Social Media Eruption

At the present time of globalization, the exchange of information is happening at a fast rate. Gone are the days of telegraph services. Moreover, technology has completely transformed the way information is exchanged. The internet has already connected everyone on the planet. In fact, it is another game changer in the field of mass communication. The emergence of social media, where a large number of people can share their views about anything, has been unimaginably amazing.

Wondrous in essence, social media platforms are being used by businesses for advertising and branding. The scope of Journalism & Mass communication has evolved with the potential to actually reach to the world and have the world reaching back towards you. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the exciting opportunities in the global market after pursuing a mass comm degree.

What’s the Scope of Journalism & Mass Communication?

After pursuing a degree in mass communication, you can go for a career in films & TV, journalism, direction, editing, filmmaking, scriptwriting, public relations, publishing, etc. Careers in mass communication will bring about a great deal of satisfaction and expression of creativity.

But it is important to evaluate yourself before you move forward with the decision of pursuing a mass comm. degree. A person has to be creative and should be willing to work hard. Moreover, a person must have good communication skills, dedication, and patience as it takes quite some time to reach the top in this field.

Apart from that, careers in mass comm provide you with attractive jobs that give instant recognition from the masses. For example – journalist, actor, director, editor, screenwriter, RJ’s, VJ and much more countless opportunities are evergreen. Massive international news corporations like CNBC, BBC, Guardian group, Warner Brothers, ABC, Disney Entertainment, Rupert Murdoch offer alluring job opportunities at different levels and positions.

With the changing ways and advancement in the digital forefront, the future is limitless for the ever-evolving field of mass communication.

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