• Art Director
  • Film and Video Editor
  • Flash Animator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Stop Motion Animator
  • Video Game Designer

Name, fame & money

If we talk about the earning potential in the animation industry, your engineer friend can’t envy you by showing the salary credit SMS. In fact, introducing an animated character that is loved by the people may land you in a dream life festooned with all the luxuries.

Animation Industry Trends with Few Stats

A report submitted by FICCI-KPMG says that the turnover of the animation industry in India was Rs.51.1 billion in 2015 with an unprecedented growth rate of 13.8%. On the other hand, NASSCOM states that expecting the tremendous growth rate of 22% every year from Indian animation industry won’t be unrealistic due to its soaring fondness among the people. In the present scenario, 300+ animation, 40+ visual effects and 85+ game development studios are operational in India with more than 15,000 professionals working over there. Aren’t the aforesaid figures convincing enough to find your future in the world of animation!

How to take the first step?

Now the cords of your mind must be wobbling to know the ways to encash the opportunities existing in the animation industry. Pursuing a graduation degree programme like B.Sc Animation (VFX) not only makes you job-ready but also a graduate, unlike a diploma or certificate course in animation. Make sure to head towards a reputed university for a graduate programme in animation.

Final Words

If you think beyond the imaginations of others, then you have creativity in your DNA. Don’t let this gift of God go in vain. Try your hand at animation with focus and determination and ensure a bright career. “Success has no definition; it’s up on you how you measure it.” Likewise, the world of animation has the largest success quotient. How much of it you attain completely depends on you.