Cloud computing has been changing the world of computers ever since it has been introduced. In fact, cloud computing is one of the most talked about IT trends of today. Besides being a huge helping hand, it also aids enterprises to save space and money.

But what exactly is cloud computing? ‘Cloud’ refers to internet and cloud computing is an internet-based computing where services are delivered through the internet. Instead of using local servers and dedicated devices, the data is stored on multiple servers so that it can be accessed using the web anywhere on any internet-enabled device. Some of the famous examples of cloud storage are Dropbox and Google (which let users create documents and calendars for free).

To put it in clearer terms, cloud computing is the present and the future of the information technology world.

Now that we know about cloud computing being the future of IT, we need to know how a student/ professional can become job-ready specifically for this field.

The answer to this is a degree in B.Tech Computer Science (Cloud Computing). The B.Tech CS (Cloud Computing) in association with IBM program educates the students on the basic technologies and history of cloud computing. Besides the theoretical knowledge, the course also provides ample of practical knowledge to the students for their hands-on experience.

What is the overall value that you are getting!!

Just think about it!! There are a lot of things that you would miss out on if you choose to go for a regular degree rather than a specialized course. Let us take you through a few things:

  1. Valued Degree – You are getting a B.Tech CS (Cloud Computing) in association with IBM degree in your hand. All the components mentioned in the degree are important and beneficial in their own way. Why not go for a specialized degree when you have the option?
  2. It’s taking the same time – Studying for a regular B.Tech degree is taking the same time as the one which has more hands-on experience, so which one should you go for? We know the obvious answer, right?
  3. Job Prospects – Unlike the regular degree, this degree is in association with IBM which clearly indicates that the job prospects are much better in case of the latter. With IBM attached to the degree, the value and overall job prospects are much higher.
  4. Knowledge – Besides the other points, here is one which ranks the course on a much higher level. The B.Tech CS (Cloud Computing) in association with IBM degree provides much more overall knowledge when compared to the regular degree. Due to so many increased components as a part of the degree, it has a much better and increased knowledge base.

Chase your Dreams – go Cloud!

With so many added advantages of B.Tech CS (Cloud Computing) in association with IBM, you must definitely give the degree a thought. Cloud computing is the future of the IT world and a degree that offers both cloud computing and association with IBM as a part of the course is a great bet. You get much more than you actually signed up for!

So guys, think it through, research a bit more and then make the decision.