An Integrated course offers all the advantages in the world. While study duration and cost is almost the same, you get double the value of what you signed up for.

Aditi Tyagi, a student of the 4th year, BA.LLB, at Sharda University opted for the course because of the choice of subjects besides saving a year.

She says: “This course has helped me gain knowledge as well as evolve as a person. Going for a degree in BA, LLB has to be one of the best decisions of my life.”

Integrated course

“When you know better, you do better”

An integrated program would help you do well as the knowledge you gain is considerably higher. The major reason to move towards an integrated course module is keeping pace with the growing complexity of the world.

Why Integrated Program?

While you ask me why Integrated programs, I would counter ask – Why not? You are spending lesser time, almost the same amount of money, then why not go for something as beneficial as a regular program?

With the rise of global trends in the field of education and growing opportunities, integrated courses are the future.

What are the benefits of integration?

Experts in the field of education agree that integrated programs have innumerable benefits in terms of both professional progress and in-depth knowledge. The noticeable benefit of the integrated degree course is that it saves a year of the student.

Rather than spending 6 years for a master’s degree, you are awarded the degree in a timeline of just 5 years. In today’s career-oriented workspace, it is a great time saver!

The integrated courses considerably increase the efficiency of the students and effectiveness of the knowledge program. This happens because the students get the bachelor’s and master’s degree from the same institute. Pursuing an integrated course ensures that a student is well-versed with the professors, which helps in more ways than one.

Integrated Course- Some Takeaways:

  1. While you are pursuing a course, you receive two degrees at the end.
  2. Talking specifically about the law stream, a student can undertake Law (L.L.B.) courses only after completion of graduation. However, as the Integrated course covers a Bachelor’s degree too, students can opt for it right after class 12th.
  3. If a student is interested in pursuing two academic courses simultaneously, integrated programs are the best bet. Moreover, the indecisive students who are unable to choose between two subjects can study both the subjects.
  4. Ample amounts of job opportunities are available after pursuing the program as you have higher knowledge compared to your peers.
  5. These professional courses for commerce students as well as science students help students save time on their education without losing content. This means that while the students get most of both the courses, they do not miss out on any necessary knowledge.

Miss Santhi Narayanan, a professor at School of Law, Sharda University says that the integrated courses are an excellent introduction as students from different streams come together to study different topics. She says that this genuinely expands the knowledge quotient of the students. The integrated system of education also helps a student with their research.

As per the education council norms, it is subject to strict adherence that these courses must make students industry ready. Moreover, teachers also persuade the students to set up their own business in their field of study. All these points add up to make the integrated course a leader among all the available options.

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