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From Gurus to Teacher; Changing Methodologies Aim Intact

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Nostalgia ...

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – This quote has been the DNA of teaching since the start of this noble profession. There has been a lot that has changed in the world, but the role of the teacher hasn’t changed much. A good teacher transforms individuals, which later results in uplifting of families and society. This indeed is one of greatest profession there can be.

The world has produced some of the greatest teachers of all times, who dedicated their life towards the upliftment of the society. Turning the pages of history and unfolding the glorious narration of Education system, India as the country of ageless folklore bags the discussion. The tutoring system that is implemented today has originated from the womb of Indian Teaching system. The first school was christened Gurukul, which was considered extremely pious and an ultimate destination to attain knowledge of Hindu PURANS, VEDAS, UPNISHADS and art of using Weapons. Sages and Maharishis were the tutors, who were involved in imparting the moral values and crux of our tradition within the students. If we see a global face of this kind of tutoring system, names like Socrates, Andrea del Verrocchio, Aristotle, LouAnne Johnson and many more would come up who were regarded as the greatest teachers of philosophy and values.

The current education system that we have today is more or less given by the British. With the invasion of Englishmen in India, who during their reign opened several Convent Schools and invested in education because the East India Company required educated work-force. The methodologies applied in these schools gave a makeover to the Indian education system. Time changed and India got sovereignty. Years passed on, we reached 21st century. The facet of tutoring system changed, Government made policies and the education system broke the chains of social stigmas and took a new look. There were different educational bodies or boards for students to enroll, various categories of schools and many more. However, teacher’s role remained the same. Tutors were much more qualified and because of their abilities, students were now getting better values along with excellent education.

Be it India or the foreign countries, economy progressed, education reached heights of so many changes. Changes to an extent, where education was not only restricted to mere books and theories, but extended its arms to welcome new ways like connecting students with nature, enhancing their raw capabilities etc. One such noteworthy example is Center of Learning, Bangalore, wherein students are not restricted to books but are also open to the bounties of nature like connecting with natural flora, learning tough subjects through with lesser pain and concentrating on raw skills like painting, bird watching etc. Now this is a superior example of education system and the endless capabilities of Teachers round the world.

Nowadays, we have several groupings of schools, which take the onus of educating a child from the toddler days, such as the Day Care, Playschools and Pre-Nursery. These schools employ teachers who take the children to a different world of imagination. This helps the young minds to explore things, get hold of their speech and learning capabilities. After acquiring education from these schools, children step towards pre-schools and then higher education. A child blooms under the care of teacher and turn into responsible students at higher levels. During the entire metamorphism, a teacher is vital element who builds up a complete individual.

The higher education sector has also gone through sweeping changes. To cater to the increasing demand of skilled manpower in our growing economy private universities have been established. These private universities are mostly founded by industrialists who are well versed with the industry trends and demands. These universities are affiliated by superior governing bodies like UGC, AICTE etc, which ensures that quality check on these institutes. Private or government, all universities need great faculty to make a mark and to make some ‘real’ contribution.

Keeping in mind the changing obligations of the education system along with the importance of keeping the traditions intact, Sharda University has employed a faculty team, which is proficient in relevant fields as well as strong in ethics. Sharda employs teachers from all over the world with varied experience level in order to make sure that students don’t lose on basics and get transformed into global citizens.

The faculty members at Sharda University are dedicated towards teaching the concepts, ideas and skills that we need to fulfill our life’s calling. It has some of the best minds both from national and international Universities dedicated to make their student equip with essential knowledge, enthusiasm and confidence to face any and every situation in life.

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