RJ Naved visited Sharda UniversityThe auditorium was fully packed and the audience was enthralled. The occasion was special as the students had gathered to meet the man behind the distinct voice. Sharda University students geared up on the 29th of September 2016 to welcome the person with a meticulous voice and exemplary wit, RJ Naved from Radio Mirchi, 98.3 FM channel. The RJ Naved visited Sharda University to host a talk show specially organized by the Department of Mass Communication, which was open to all.

RJ Naved visited Sharda University

And the Fun Ride Began!

The event was in the afternoon where students and faculty members came in good number. The auditorium was full of laughs and giggles while the jokes and funny satirical remarks were tickling the bones of the audience. He shared details about how he started Radio Jockeying back then in the year 2002 when the scenario in the radio offices was very different. RJs then used to read the news in the same monotonous way without any voice modulation or voice-overs. The idea of hosting a spicy talk show brought the change. He shared with the students how his evening talk show ‘Murga’ which, involves prank calling people, became so viral.

RJ Naved visited Sharda UniversityWhen RJ Spoke About his Initial Days

Elaborating more on the same, the RJ told that initially, he had to cope up with the comments that people hurled at him. Later, he found a better way of keeping the phone receiver aside when people passed negative marks. In this way, the RJ explained to the youth that in any profession, there would be hurdles, but they should think of their own ways by which they can ignore the problems and focus on work. Naved also told the audience how he excelled in the industry by keeping his personal life away from the professional.

The Fun-Interaction the Upcoming RJs and the RJ Naved

The second part of the event comprised a ‘Question-Answer’ round. Here, Sharda University’s upcoming RJs, public speakers, and stage artists tossed questions at Mr. Naved. The RJ was particularly moved by the instinct of a student who shared her personal experience. The girl, a student of Mass Communication wants to pursue a career as an RJ. Initially, her friends use to call her chatter-box. Afterward, she got the inspiration to take up speaking as a profession. The RJ trumpeted the will and confidence of the girl who shared the experience with everyone present in the auditorium.

When asked by a student how he could take up a career as an RJ, Naved encouraged students to join the University community radio, Suno Sharda 90.8FM and give a platform to their voice.


Every student and faculty member present in the audience enjoyed the presence of the RJ. The afternoon was a remarkable one with humor, information and motivational words by RJ Naved. The event ended on a pleasant note with the organizers extending a word of thanks to the guest.

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