Going to college is a right of passage that gives us opportunity to enter into the world of responsibility, knowledge, competitive intelligence. There are also many who manage to do just fine without a college education, but as a whole, statistics plainly reveal the more educated we are, the more productive we are in society, and thus life as a whole. To have successful and satisfactory life, choosing the right college is must and, Sharda University gives you eight astounding reason for the same.
Become Jack of All Trades
The main aim to attend the college is to gain degree in particular area, such as management, engineering and law. When a student join Sharda University not only he can focus on his main stream but also get an opportunity to learn other areas which will help him to excel in life. So to exceed in career attending seminars and conferences will give students opportunity to do research assistant jobs. Many activities our students experience which are creative and adventures as learn water sports, Thai ancient healing techniques etc. University is a vast ocean of knowledge and cultural exposures give chance to our students to share the wisdom and academic skills.

Learn More About Your Favorite Topic
In Sharda University professors are also mentors to the students. It is a common feature in most of the Universities but in Sharda students really bank upon their tutors.You get a chance to learn your favorite subject under the tutelage of accomplished and learned teachers. The good percentages of professors of Sharda University are having degrees and experience of foreign countries with excellent academic record from IITs and IIMs.
Become Leaders of Tomorrow
One of the biggest boosts from college is an increase in self confidence. The interesting fact is when you join college in first year you are amateur but by the end of final year your personality changes drastically. You gain high self esteem, more knowledge, develop good networking and industry exposure. As you study in Sharda University gradually confidence develops naturally.
Students from international exposures gain a platform for future progress.Knowledge that is culture based helps students to work in global environment. The foreign tours are considered significant and fruitful as the Sharda University students gain intellect, network, and business ideas.
Enhance Employment Opportunities
Sharda University is pledged to give secure career to its students. The placement cell of University works through out the year to get its students placed. At university while pursuing the degree students go for summer training or internship which gives them industry exposure and a platform to build a career. Students get exposure through foreign tours and students exchange program that helps them to build business relationships with students and professional abroad.
Make Financially Secure Future
A graduate degree from Sharda is a passport to earn good salary in corporate field. As you choose your major with better career prospects your chances of getting placed with high salary increases.In 2014 student from Electronics department earned pay package of INR 500, 000 per month in Texas based firm.Not only jobs but Sharda University gives opportunities and resources to build their own startups, Students get an opportunity to do foreign tours and they learned business acumen and entrepreneurship.
Students Also Learn Cross Cultural
Interests’ diversity is also a big part of admissions these days. Since you will likely work with many different personalities and ethnicity when you begin your career, college can help prepare you for this.College is often a mix of many different people from many different walks of life. This can expand your horizons. Students learn from different cultures and their intellectual as well as practical spectrum grows abundantly Sharda University is the only global university that has 27% of international students that is why it says “The World Is Here”.
Learn Self Sustainability
College allows students to begin to live independently, but in a still controlled environment. With huge hostels and large 63 acre campus students develops their individuality. It is a way to carve their own niche in the crowd.As they participate in cultural and technical festivals which give them overall sound development. Chorus is youth festival of the Sharda University where you get to explore your hidden talents and cultivate your identity. Sports meet like Ojasvat and Tech Fest Contrivance enhances the personality of students. They learn team building, sportive approach and leadership skills. Sharda University follows its tradition, to have workshops and seminars with international academicians and Noble Laureates.These international seminars hone the intellect of students and further prepare them for higher studies.

Gain Network Globally
It has often been said that the friends you make in college are the friends that you keep for life. Whether this is true or not, college is a great opportunity to make new friends and meet new people. You make friends in the class, at hostels, during festivals, in the sports field and in excursion tours. College friends and acquaintances can create a valuable network you can utilize for years to come in your career and social life. You may want to keep in mind some networking timetables as you move toward graduation day and get some additional networking tips. The fun time one spends makes the bonds strong amongst the group and you develop the everlasting network for life and career. So when you study at Sharda you develop a large network through foreign tours and global exposure.

Ultimately, college is not the place to only work in field of academics but is a place where you will spend moments that you cherish throughout your life. Apart from studies the memories created will help you to sail smooth in life. Choosing the college for higher education is the most critical decision one takes to set the base of the long career. During these crucial years you earn a passport for good status life and to live at leadership position. To provide all these key assets Sharda University grooms you to be winner and successful in professional and personal front.