DID YOU KNOW?: As per the Companies Act 2013, a company whose net worth is Rs. 500 crore or more must spend at least 2% on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Corporate social responsibility, Importance of CSR, benefits of CSR

Have you ever seen advertisements on social initiatives by companies like Coca-Cola, Samsung, Kellogg’s and all the big brands? They are all renowned names who contribute and understand their responsibility towards the society. Giving back to the people is indeed what fetches them glory and empathy.

With millions of companies around the world expanding their social activities, CSR is inescapable. Most companies prefer pass-outs who have either been or are looking at being a part of some social initiatives.

Examples of Corporate Social Responsibility and Activity

A campaign run by Coca-Cola allowed the workers in the UAE to call up their homes. The workers needed insert caps of Coca-Cola bottles in the vending machine to call up their homes. The workers who would otherwise be able to call home once every few months were now able to do so quite frequently. This social campaign received a lot of appreciation from people around the world.

Another advertisement by Airbnb – ‘WE ACCEPT’, showcases how to be a global citizen. The tagline “We Accept” says it all. This advert has been made with the basic goal of removing racism from the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility and transformation

Students are well-versed with the fact that for being a part of any big corporate house, they need to be an all-rounder. After all, the most notable criterion for being selected by an MNC is being a part of multiple activities. In fact, a few companies like New Holland Tractors Limited have made it mandatory to have some form of volunteer experience.

  1. As a matter of fact, Corporate social activities can change a student’s mindset by the various activities that they conduct.
  2. CSR activities have developed a global outlook among the students. Irrespective of their native place; they contribute to the CSR activities anywhere. A student from Nigeria is teaching an underprivileged child from India at a Non-Profit Organization ‘Kartavya’ run by the students of Sharda University. Interesting, isn’t it?
  3. When a student is well aware that corporate social responsibility will always be a part of his/her life, he/she becomes more passionate about it.
  4. Many universities and colleges have made the corporate social responsibility a mandatory subject. Due to this, students are now moving towards being better human beings by taking a step forward towards globalization.
  5. Moreover, by being a part of social activities, the students are also opening doors for more and more global opportunities and benefits.
  6. Students are well aware of the fact that if they want to grow in life, being a responsible citizen is a must. By being a part of corporate social activities, the chances of economic development increase as well. This helps the student as well as the place they belong to a great extent.

“A little bit of humility can always change the world.”

Corporate Social Responsibility helps others to have the feeling of acceptance to a great extent. In particular, Every country, every company and every person accepts and acknowledges a person who has been a part of some or the other social activity.

In general, being a part of corporate social activities can transform a person and is a step towards globalization. And, aren’t we all moving towards globalization? Yes, we are. A Happy Change!

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