Engineering stands out amongst the most popular career options in India. The challenge for engineering aspirants is to get admission in a good engineering institution in India. Consequently, to screen students according to their merit, reputed universities like Sharda University offer admission to engineering programmes via B.Tech entrance exams

Some of the top B.Tech entrance exams are:

  1. Joint Entrance Examination (Main) (JEE Main)
  2. Joint Entrance Exam Advanced (JEE Advanced)
  3. UPSEE Entrance Exam

How to Prepare for JEE Mains

Here are some preparation tips that will help one to get the desired result in JEE Mains:

  • Keep informed about NTA (National Testing Agency) and the changes: Before beginning the preparation for JEE Mains, one must stay abreast of the changes introduced by the authorities.
  • Thoroughly check the exam pattern and syllabus: The prospectus of JEE Mains mentions the themes and units from which questions will be framed in the entrance examination. Going through the syllabus will help one in making a study plan accordingly. One can likewise identify the points or units that should be given more focus, as compared to the others.
  • Make a study plan: One must not directly begin with preparation. Rather, it is advisable to make a study plan and go step by step. One must divide time equally between all the three subjects and allot time for revision as well. The candidates must prioritize the topics in the order of importance and allocate time according to one’s benefit.
  • Consult books and subjects prescribed by toppers and specialists:  NCERT books are gospel for JEE competitors.
  • Revision is mandatory: After completing a topic or unit, revise it without spending excess time on it.
  • Solve test papers and mock test: The secret to exceeding expectations in any examination is to solve as many previous-year question papers as possible. Also, one should attempt online mock tests to get the hang of the entrance exam. This will help one in figuring out their weak and strong zones and getting a reality check of their preparation.
  • Remain positive and confident: One must always be confident about what they have learnt. Having a positive frame of mind brings about a positive change.
B.Tech entrance exams

How to prepare for JEE Advanced

Candidates appearing for JEE Advanced can use the below-mentioned tips to crack the examination:

  • Be an early riser: Begin as early as possible. Try not to hold up till the end. Beginning early will give you more time for revision.
  • Prepare a study plan: Before beginning with preparation, make a study plan. Plan the topics to be covered first, subjects that need more attention, and so on. All these factors ought to be considered while making an examination plan. Divide the plan in such a manner that equal time is given to all subjects and enough time is left for revision
  • Solve previous year test papers of JEE Advanced: To crack the exam, solving previous year sample papers is the correct approach. These sample papers will help the candidate to get an idea of questions that can be posed. It also gives them insight about section-wise marks.
  • Remain positive:  JEE Advanced is an important exam, and the pressure of performing is immense. The best approach is to avoid stress and remain positive. The candidate must try to steer clear of the negative thoughts.
  • Take little breaks: One must not study for long hours without a break. The aspirant must allow oneself time for recreation, take strolls, watch a movie or video, or chit chat with their family or companions. However, they must manage the time for their breaks.
  • Important Books for JEE Advanced: Referring important books plays a key role in preparation. Beside NCERT books, there are different books too which competitors must refer to.

How to Prepare for UPSEE Exam

These tips will help one in cracking the UPSEE test with great marks:

  • Make a Study Plan

Firstly, visit the official website, see the prescribed syllabus and plan your preparation accordingly.

  • Study Materials

Preparation through good study material is very important for preparation. There are many books available in the market for UPSEE preparation.

  • Remain Healthy

One can do yoga and meditation, which will enable one to calm their mind and brain and enhance concentration power too. One should keep away from heavy and junk food during the preparation time.

  • Question Papers and Mock Test

Besides preparing from books, competitors must focus on previous year question papers and test papers. Applicants can also take online mock tests to get acquainted with the exam pattern.