Does The Field of HRM Offer Bright Career Opportunities?

Any person, who has been a part of any corporate, knows a fact that it is next to impossible to survive without the HR department. Did you Know? More than half of all organizations globally have difficulty retaining some of… Continue Reading →

What Skills You Nurture While Studying BBA Entrepreneurship

BBA act as bait for aspirants who want to make a career in the business world. While some may feel dicey about enrolling into BBA, the ones who have a clear vision of attaining managerial positions or commencing their business,… Continue Reading →

How to Don Wings of Creativity with Bachelor of Interior Design

So, school over? Now it’s time for the big decision of life. Are you going to enroll in the regular courses or you have your eyes on something different? Something creative and promising like a professional degree that involves learning… Continue Reading →

How to Take your First Step Towards BBA Entrepreneurship

Business demands skills that are second to none. Only inimitable skills can help you to reach the top and get an edge over other competitors. But, the question is “How?” Running a business is not a piece of cake, but… Continue Reading →

What Skills you Develop while Studying BBA-HRM Course

Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management, BBA-HRM course is an undergraduate program of three years. Human Resource Management comprises of the managerial techniques in the general curriculum of BBA, with functional and proficient training in HR Management. Moreover, the… Continue Reading →

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