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Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (Techniques)

Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (Techniques)

School of Allied Health Sciences (SAHS)

  • Programme Code


  • Level


  • Duration

    3.5 Years

About the Programme

The Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) is a 3.5  years undergraduate programme offered by the School of Allied Health Sciences (SAHS) Sharda University.     
Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) also called Clinical Laboratory Science is concerned with the diagnosis treatment and prevention of diseases through the use of clinical laboratory tests. In this programme the students learn to perform diagnostic analysis on body fluids which include hematological bacteriological immunologic chemical and microscopic tests that aid in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. This programme also equips students with the knowledge and skills required to handle advanced lab equipments and perform accurate laboratory tests. 

BMLT Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

A under graduate student having qualified the BSc Medical Laboratory Technology examination should be able to:

  • PEO1: Acquire comprehensive knowledge of structure and functions of human body, physiological and biochemical mechanisms involved in normal and abnormal health condition, knowledge of light microscopic and ultrastructure of human specimen. Knowledge of structure and functional correlation of blood constituents with disease process and be able to communicate the same clearly and with precision.
  • PEO2: Be aware of contemporary advances and developments in the field of medical laboratory sciences.
  • PEO3: Acquire knowledge of modern research techniques and be familiar with the recent advances in medical laboratory tests.
  • PEO4: Inculcate habit of scientific enquiry and be able to identify lacunae in the existing knowledge in a given area.
  • PEO5: Have acquired skills in interpreting the results to medical and paramedical professionals as Laboratory manager/ supervisor or health care administrator.
  • PEO6: Have acquired skills in effectively communicating with the students and colleagues from various medical and paramedical fields as educational consultant or laboratory coordinator etc.
  • PEO7: Have acquired skills of integrating laboratory tests with other disciplines of medical sciences as and when needed.

BMLT Program Outcomes (PO’s)
Programme Specific Outcomes: The graduate attributes of BSc Medical laboratory technology of SAHS are as follows:

  • PSO1: Knowledge of laboratory tests: Posses theoretical and practical knowledge of the laboratory test associated with diagnosis of diseases including biochemical, pathological and microbiological test in the laboratory.
  • PSO2: Thinking abilities: Utilize the principles of scientific test, thinking analytically, clearly and critically, while solving laboratory problems and making patient reports after sample
  • processing in daily practice.
  • PSO3: Planning abilities: Demonstrate effective planning abilities including laboratory tests timing management, resource management, delegation skills and organizational skills. Develop
  • and implement plans and organize work to meet deadlines.
  • PSO4: Professional identity: Understand, analyze and communicate the value of their professional roles in society (e.g. health care professionals, laboratory supervisors and managers)
  • through consideration of social, economical, and health issues.
  • PSO5: Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the laboratory practice.
  • PSO6: Life-long learning: Recognize the need for and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of medical laboratory change.

This course is for individuals who...

have the highest level of dedication sincerity and responsibility. It is for students who have the ability to conduct research and accomplish experiments through personal acumen and diligent dexterity.

Students who are looking for...

a career with the ability to maintain calm under tough scenarios make analytical judgments interpret technical and scientific data and work with laboratory instrumentation and computation

Course Fee
For National Students
1st Year 144282 2nd Year 148610 3rd Year 153069
For International Students
Fee Per Semester Fee Per Year
1400 2700
Eligibility Criteria
For National Students
  • Sr. Secondary (10+2) with Biology or Life Sciences as one of the subjects with minimum 50% marks.
For International Students The eligibility criterion for all programs for international applicants is minimum 50% in the qualifying examination and having studied the pre-requisite subjects for admission in to the desired program.
Career path you can choose after the course
  • Lab Technician
  • Medical Lab Technologist
  • Medical Microbiologist
  • Laboratory manager
  • Consultant
  • Supervisor
  •   Healthcare Administrator 
  • Hospital Outreach Coordinator
  • Laboratory Information System Analyst/Consultant
  • Educational Consultant/ Coordinator 
  • Faculty
  • Researcher

Students of this programme are placed in companies with an average annual package of 4.50 LPA to 6.00 LPA

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