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Supriya Khaitan

Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)


Ms. Supriya Khaitan is B.Tech in Computer science from Punjab Technical University and M.Tech in Information Technology from GGSIPU Delhi. She is currently pursuing Ph.D. in Computer Science. Ms. Supriya entered into academics in the Year 2003 and joined Sharda University in August 2009. Ms. Supriya is accustomed to working in a multicultural environment that emphasizes inclusion.

  • 11 years
  • Ph.D. (Pursuing)
  • M.Tech (IT)
  • B.Tech (CSE)
Award & Recognition



  • Nasir Mehndi, Supriya Khaitan “Faster conversion and security issues in MPLS networks” The International Journal Of Science & Technoledge (ISSN 2321 – 919X), Volume-2, Issue-12, Novemberr-2014 pp no255-260.
  • Supriya Raheja, Supriya Khaitan  “Secure Authentication system using two factor authentication techniques” in an International conference at IMT Ghazibad ICDM-2008.
  • Supriya Khaitan, Supriya Raheja  “keystroke dynamics based password authentication scheme” in International conference (ICIT-2009) at PDM-Bahadurgarh New Delhi
  • Supriya Khaitan, Supriya Raheja  “Two factor authentication using keystroke dynamics” in International conference (DCIT-2009) at PCTE Ludhiana.
  • Supriya Khaitan, Supriya Raheja  “Finding optimal attack Path using attack Graphs A survey” in International Journal of Soft computing and engineering (IJSCE) ISSN2231-2307, Volume-1, Issue-3, July 2011 pp no 33-36.



Area of Intrest

  • Computer Networks
  • Network Security