Sonia Chongtham

Assistant Professor, Nursing



Teaching is about believing that your students can learn. I am convinced that all students entering my classroom can learn. As the teacher, I think of myself as a catalyst, as someone who has the opportunity to stimulate curiosity and inspire learning. From day one, I let my students know that despite their previous academic achievements, when they come to my class they can choose to excel. I encourage them to do their best and express their potential. I consciously communicate this expectation when I respond to their questions, give them feedback on their assignments, or ask for their input. I realize that students quickly pick up on what I say and also what I convey implicitly and nonverbally.

  • 8 years 6 months
  • Masters in Nursing

  • A study to determine the prevalence of anemia and to evaluate the effectiveness of PTP on prevention and control of anemia among adolescent in terms of knowledge and practice in selected Government school of Rajasthan.- PARIPEX


  • ACLS & BLS

Area of Interest

  • Teaching
  • Research  and Professional Education
  • Certification