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Sanjay Kaushal

Assistant Professor, Management



Dr. Sanjay Kaushal is a teacher with experience of working in the higher education industry. He is skilled in Linguistics, Business Communication, and English Language. He is a strong education professional with a Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics from Jawaharlal Nehru University. In over 5 years of his teaching experience, Dr Kaushal has taught over 20 courses on communication studies.

Dr. Kaushal holds immense interest in the idea of language and communication in various fields and has published several papers in journals, books, and conference proceedings. He has presented several papers in various academic events in India and abroad. He has two books in a book series 'Monsoon : English for everyone' to his credit published by Cambridge University Press (2019). His latest publication is titled as 'Climate crisis and language - A constructivist ecolinguistic approach' (2021).  Dr Kaushal has conducted various sessions and workshops on skill enhancement as a resource person; he also conducted two three-day training sessions on Leadership and Motivation for nodal officers of Election Commission of India in 2019.


  • 5.5 years
  • Ph.D.


Google Scholar Profile: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=jlW2DWoAAAAJ&hl=e

Journal Publications

  1. Kaushal, S. (forthcoming). Language, time, and death - An ethico-philosophical perspective following Hegel, Heidegger, Levinas, and Blanchot. Ethics in Progress, 13(1).
  2. Nyoni, A. M., Kaushal, S. (June 21, 2022). Sustainable knowledge management during crisis: Focus on Covid-19 pandemic. Business Information Review.   https://doi.org/10.1177/02663821221109928
  3. A. Sharma, S. Kaushal, R. Fulzele and T. Kumari, (2022). Role of Social Media in Engaging Students: Perspectives from Higher Education. 8th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Systems (ICACCS), pp. 1683-1686, doi: https://doi.org/10.1109/ICACCS54159.2022.9785228
  4. Kaushal, S. Dhammi, S., Guha, A. (2022). Climate Crisis And Language – A Constructivist Ecolinguistic Approach. Materials Today: Proceedings. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.matpr.2021.08.093, 49(8), 3581-3584.
  5. Kaushal, S. & Menike, N. (2015). Interrupting the Myth – Poststructural Approach to Community and Literature. Lokratana: a Journal of Folklore foundation India, VIII, 88-99. (As part of University of Cambridges “World Oral Literature Project”).

Book chapters

  1. Nyoni, A., Kaushal, S. (2021). Changing Practices for Managing a Diverse and Talented Workforce. In Sharma A., Kaushal, S. (ed.), Building the New: Trends and Prospects in Business Management (pp. 109-112). Kaav: New Delhi.
  2. Pasarly, S., Verma, P., Kaushal, S. (2021). How do Entrepreneurship Ethics and CSR affect businesses Growth? In Vashisht, A., Shyam, H.S. (ed.), Impact of Innovation & Entrepreneurship on Business Ecosystem. SEMS.
  3. Mishra, D., Kaushal, S. (2021). Role of Communication in Driving Innovation Across Businesses. In Agarwal, N., Kumar, S., et al. (ed.) Emerging Issues in Management and Economics: The Prospects. Kaav.
  4. Kaushal, S., Verma, P., Guha, A. (2021). COVID-19, The New Normal - How Organizations Can Respond. In Vashisht A. et al. (ed.), Changing trends in Business Management: Implications in Post COVID Era (pp. 41-47). INSPIRA Research Association: Jaipur.
  5. Kaushal, S. (2018). Language and Culture: Ethical Ties between Self and the Other. In Adamowicz-Pośpiech, A. et al. (ed.), Bridges between Cultures: Ties and Knots (pp. 96-105). Cambridge Scholars: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
  6. Kaushal, S. & Menike, N. (2017). Wounding the Self—Writing the Other. In Manjali, F. & Crépon, M. (ed.), Philosophy, Language & The Political: Poststructuralism in Perspective (pp. 237-247). Aakar Books: New Delhi.

Book publications

  1. Kaushal, S. & Sharma, A. (Eds.). (forthcoming). Working through the community challenges -  A multidisciplinary approach.
  2. Sharma, A. & Kaushal, S. (Eds.). (2021). Building the New: Trends and Prospects in Business Management. Kaav: New Delhi.
  3. Kaushal, S. & Kaur, H. (2019). Monsoon: English for Everyone Coursebook 2. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.
  4. Kaushal, S. & Kaur, H. (2019). Monsoon: English for Everyone Workbook 2. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.


  • Paper presentations in conferences/colloquiums, 6 abroad, 6 in India.

Area of Interest

  • Business Communication
  • English Language
  • Linguistics
  • Poststructuralism
  • Language and Philosophy, ethics.