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Dr. Sahil Thakar

Assistant Professor, Dental Sciences


Working as a lecturer- SDS, Department of Public Health Dentistry.MDS ‘Public Health Dentistry from ITS Dental College, Hospital and Research Centre (2015)

  • 08th October, 2018- till Date
  • MDS
Award & Recognition

  • Awarded first prize for model titled “Promoting Oral Health for a Healthier Nation” which was presented on World Oral Health Day held at I.T.S Dental College, Hospital & Research Centre, Greater Noida. (12/09/2012)
  • Recipient of the “Best Poster” award for Poster titled Geographic Targeting. Presented at XVIIth National Conference of IAPHD, Held at Chennai (November 2012). 
  • Awarded 100% attendance certificate five times by the college (each for a period of three months)



  1. Successfully filed 4 patents titled:
  • A Dental Instrument
  • A Dental Explorer
  • A Portable Dental Bowl Assembly
  • Wastewater management system and a method thereof
  1. Working on a project titled  Correlation between environmental factors and household costs among patients affected with dengue and chikungunya I four North Indian Districts: A Comparative Cohort.
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 100 Days of Ayushmaan Bharat: Achievements and Challenges Ahead. Paripex-Indian journal of research.


Area of Interest


  • Dental Public Health and Epidemiology, Public Health
  • Research Methodology & Biostatistics
  • Out Reach Activities.