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Roopali Fulzele

Assistant Professor, Management


I count myself blessed to have an exclusive combination of experiences in writing, research, teaching, evaluating, administration, and information technology. Being worked as an IT professional has strengthened my knowledge of Information Technology tools and applications. By qualifying NET exam in Management subject had encouraged me to work as an Assistant Professor where I experienced the importance of learning and sharing knowledge and promoting the same. Academic experience encouraged me to pursue Ph. D and present conference papers which further helped me to acquire knowledge and skills to perform web-based, secondary and primary research as well as proficiency in using spread sheets, database and research packages such as SPSS. The opportunity of continuous learning has kept me motivated and further helped me to delve myself into the field of content writing which was served in the form of study material for various courses of reputed universities, supportive aid for drafting, preparing brief notes, minutes, follow up, research materials, etc.  The combination of research and writing orientation have persuaded me to work as a Project Manager and Content Developer in Excel Books Pvt. Ltd. Packaged with 3 Is i.e. Industrious, Intelligence, and Integrity along with such diverse roles that I have played, comprise excellent administration knowledge, interpersonal, communication, presentation and management skills.

Addition to this, since I have completed Yoga Teacher Training course from Patanjali, Yoga has been a part of my life, and my practice has helped me grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully and feel refreshed, nourished as well as composed. I would love to help and encourage people to make Yoga, part of their life to stay healthy and happy.

  • 6.5 Years
  • Pursuing Ph.D
  • MCA, MBA
  • BIS
  • BCA
Award & Recognition





  • Yoga Trainer

Area of Interest

  • Human Resource Management
  • IT & Yoga