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Radhika Sharma

Associate Professor, Design


Delhi –NCR based Interior designer Radhika had her education in Interior Design and in International Business with a keen interest in Art. With over 10 years of experience of having worked in Residential, Corporate and Hospitality industry, Radhika has made her mark in versatile style and conceptualization in the interior design industry. Radhikas work has been executed in various Indian and International brands belonging to diverse industries. As a founder of ART BY RADHIKA, with proven entrepreneur skills, gives her a wide range of experience from designing to sales and marketing. Apart from working as  a professional for different clients as a design consultant, Radhika has also successfully published numerous articles on various  different platform in which she shares her knowledge and expertise for other budding entrepreneurs and the design industry.

Her expertise lies in design concepts, technique and research for making a personal unique experience for the clients. She has been honored by being jury member and guest speaker/ lecture for various institutes.  

As a professor her aim is to get her students ready for the real world.  In the process of doing so, she intends to set new standards and develop techniques for the future of interior design process. 

  • 12 Years
  • PGD-IB ( SCDL)
  • Interior Design Diploma
  • Bachelor of commerce University of Delhi
Area of Interest

  • Interior Design
  • Design Process
  • Writing
  •  Art
  • Culture
  • Lifestyle.