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Dr. Nidhi Nagar

Sr. Tutor/Lecturer, Dental


A dental practitioner willing to join a renowned Hospital/Health Organization in order to build a solid base for further updation in knowledge and skills as a Doctor.

  • 1 year and 9 months


Award & Recognition

Honor & Achievements

  1. ICDRO (International Clinical Dental Research Organisation) Bilcare Clinical Research Fellowship in Dentistry January 2011.
  2. Scientific Paper presentation on Comparative Evaluation of WaveOne Reciprocating Files With or Without Glide Path in Human Teeth Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography at 29th FODI & 21st IES National conference held at SDM College Dharwad, Karnataka. 
  3. Scientific Paper presentation on A Comparative Clinical Evaluation Of A New Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer With MTA Based Sealer, Resin Based Sealer And Zinc Oxide Based Sealer - An In Vivo Study at 28th & 19th IES National conference held at Hyderabad.


Research & Publications

  1. Dr. Anil Dhingra,Dr. Nidhi Nagar,”Recent Advance in Endodontics VisualizationA Review”(IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences,Vol 13,Issue 1,Vol VI (Jan 2014),Page 15-20.
  2. Dr. Ritu Sharma,Dr. Kriti Masoli, Dr. Nidhi Nagar,” The Prevalence & Severity of Non- Carious Cervical lesion in patients reporting to department of conservative dentistry of a North Indian Dental College” (Guident Jan 2014.Page-52-55)
  3. Influence of the glide path on various parameters of root canal prepared with Wave One reciprocating file using cone beam computed tomography, Anil Dhingra, Nidhi Nagar, Vipul Sapra,  Dental Research Journal, volume 12,  issue 6, November 2015.

Books Published

  1. Magnification in Endodontics ISBN No 978-3-659-00230-4 as a co-author with International publishing house LAP Germany.

Research Work

  1. Influence of the glide path on various parameters of root canal prepared with WaveOne reciprocating file using cone beam computed tomography Dental Research Journal, Vol 12, Issue 6, pg. 534, November 2015
  2. Recent Advances in Endodontic Visualization A Review. IOSR Journal of Dental Sciences and Medical Sciences (IOSR-JDMS) Volume 12, Issue 1 Ver. VI (Jan 2014), Page 15-20.
  3. The Prevalence and Severity of Non-Carious Cervical Lesions in Patients Reporting to Department of Conservative Dentistry of a North Indian Dental College. Guidant, January 2014, Page 52-55.
  4. Newer Pulp Capping Agents- Bridging The Gap. Dental Poster Journal, Vol 13, May-June Issue, Poster 3.
  5. Reciprocation Vs Rotary Who Is The Winner? Dental Poster Journal, Vol 13, May-June Issue, Poster 4.



Area of Intrest