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Dr. Manish Sharma

Associate Professor, Physics


Dr. Manish Sharma obtained his B.Sc (Electronics) in 1997 and M.Sc (Electronics) in 2000 from CSJM, Kanpur University. He received his Ph.D. (Applied Science) in 2016 from Sharda University, Greater Noida. Initially in 2003 he Joined as Process R&D engineer in world second largest optical data storage industry i.e. MOSER BAER (I) Ltd. From April 2003 to June 2009, he served in the Industry and received various awards and reorganizations like Key resource of the Company, Best performance award, Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belt etc. During the industrial tenure, Dr. Manish has completed various projects of data storage techniques as well as on thin film deposition techniques. In year 2009 he joined Sharda University and gets engaged in the teaching of graduate and post graduate courses and further research activities in the field of atmospheric science and materials sciences. During this period Dr. Sharma published more than 15 International research papers in SCI indexed journals. Dr. Manish has the collaborations with different National and International research groups and Universities in which some of them are Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observations Sciences (ARIES), Max Planck Institute of Chemistry (MPI), Mainz, Germany, Chapman University, CA, USA, University of South Africa, SA etc. Presently Dr. Sharma is also associated with the Satellite Remote Sensing Group, Max Planck Institute, Mainz, Germany in one the International Project i.e. Monitoring and analysis of NOx over Greater Noida using differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy. Two patents were already filled and one is under progress by Dr. Manish.  Dr. Sharma has attended more than 25 National and International Conferences and Workshop in India as well as Abroad. The successfully organization of more than 10 National conferences and three International conferences are also in his credit. Dr. Manish has visited various countries like Germany, South Africa, Scotland (UK), etc, for research projects as well to attend scientific conferences.


15 Years

  • Ph.D
  • M. Sc
Award & Recognition

  • Innovation Award from worlds second largest Optical media group i.e. Moser Baer India limited 2007
  • Best employee award from Moser Baer India Ltd award in 2007.
  • Six Sigma Green Belt award for successfully completion of Project from Motorola University USA 2008.
  • Mission 10 X award for teaching pedagogy by Wipro 2012.
  • Key resource of the organization award from MOSER BAER INDIA LIMITED, INDIA.
  • Applied two PATENTS for device manufacturing.
  • Received one project of cost 8.00 Lakh from MSME, Government of India (GOI).


  • Manish Sharma, Dimitris G. Kaskaoutis, Ramesh P. Singh, Sachchidanand Singh, (2014), “Seasonal Variability, Aerosol Types and Effect of Outflow of Delhi Pollutants over Greater Noida Using Ground Sunphotometer Observations” Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 14 608–622 (IF2.09)
  • R. Shaiganfar, S. Beirle, M. Sharma, A. Chauhan, R. P. Singh and T. Wagner,  (2011) “Estimation of NOx emissions from Delhi using Car MAX-DOAS observations and comparison with OMI satellite data” Atmos. Chem. Phys., 11, 10871–10887, SCIE,     (IF 5.55
  • Dimitris G Kaskaoutis, Ramesh P Singh, Ritesh Gautam, Manish Sharma, P G Kosmopoulos and S N Tripathi, (2012), “ Variability and trends of aerosol properties over Kanpur, northern India using AERONET data (2001–10)” Environ. Res. Lett. 7 024003 (9pp), SCIE,  (IF 3.58)
  • Sharma Manish and Mishra Sunil K, (2013), “  Emission of Atmospheric Pollutants during IOCL -Sitapur,  Jaipur fire 2009, India”, Research Journal of Chemical Sciences , Vol. 3(7), 1-4, July (2013), Indexed.
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  • R. P. Singh, W. Mehdi, and M. Sharma, (2010),” Complementary nature of surface and atmospheric parameters associated with Haiti earthquake of 12 January 2010”, Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 10, 1–7, SCIE ,(IF1.75)
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  • Kaskaoutis D. G, S. Kumar, D. Sharma, R.P. Singh, S.K. Kharol, M. Sharma, A.K. Singh, S. Singh, D. Singh, (2014), “Effects of agriculture biomass burning on aerosol properties, plume characteristics and long-range transport over northern India, Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres, 10.1002/2013JD021357, SCIE, ( IF3.44 ).
  • D. G. Kaskaoutis , P. G. Kosmopoulos , P. T. Nastos , H. D. Kambezidis,                                                    Manish Sharma & Waseem  Mehdi, (2012),” Transport pathways of Sahara dust over Athens, Greece as detected by MODIS and TOMS”, Vol. 3, 1, 35–54 ,SCIE, (IF0.97).                                                                                              
  • D. G. Kaskaoutis, S. K. Kharol, P. R. Sinha, R. P. Singh, K. V. S. Badarinath, W. Mehdi and M. Sharma, (2011), “Contrasting aerosol trends over South Asia during the last decade based on MODIS observations”, Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss., 4, 1–49, SCIE, (IF3.20).
  • Ramesh P. Singh, Manish Sharma, and Dimitris G. Kaskaoutis,(2013), “ Changes in surface irradiance and meteorological parameters associated with the annular solar Eclipse of 15 January 2010,” American Institute of Physics) Conference Proceeding.
  • Ramesh P. Singh and Manish Sharma, (2012),“ Enhancement of BC concentration associated with Diwali Festival in India, IGARSS Conference Proceeding (IEEE Publication).


  • Received the Hands-ON expertise training certificate on Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) at Max Planck Institute, Mainz, Germany in 2016.
  • Received the certificate for the active participation in Sharda admission cell in the year 2015 and 2016.
  • Performance appraisal reward -The year 2014 level II for excellent teaching and research.
  • Performance appraisal reward -Year 2015 level II for excellent teaching and research.
  • Performance appraisal reward -Year 2016 level III for excellent teaching and research

Area of Interest

  • Digital data storage
  • Remote sensing techniques
  • Atmospheric Physics.