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Gaurav Gupta

Assistant Professor, Marketing


Prof. Gaurav Gupta has earned a Masters in Business Administration degree with a specialization in Marketing and Finance from Punjabi  University,  Patiala  (Punjab), and pursuing a doctorate in the area of Branding. He has also studied marketing at the prestigious Wilkes University, Pennsylvania, USA. He has got an opportunity to learn about teaching methodologies at IIM-Kozhikode and IIM-Bangalore

  • 7 Years
  • PhD ( Submitted )
Award & Recognition

  1. Erasmus+ Scholarship
  2. IIM Bangalore-Wipro Fellowship
  3. ICSSR Fellowship
  4. Reviewer of Scopus Indexed Journal(s)


  1. Gupta, G., Kumar, V., Paruthi, M., & Mendiratta, P. (2019). The cauliflower dilemma!. International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management18(3), 291-297.( ABDC- C)
  2. Singla, V., & Gupta, G. (2019). Emotional Branding Scale and Its Role in Formation of Brand Trust. Paradigm. ( ICI Indexed )
  3. Gupta, G., & Singla, V. (2016). A Study on Selection of Most Preferred Brands. IUP Journal of Brand Management13(4).
  4. Sinha, S., Sinha, D., & Gupta, G. (2015). Maggi as a Youth Icon in India: A Case of Cultural Branding. Proceedings of ICRBS2015.
  5. Gupta, g., & paruthi, m. (2014). A study of consumer perception towards combo offers provided by banks. Clear International Journal of Research in Commerce & Management5(3).
  6. Gupta, g., malhotra, m., & dharwal, m. (2013). Dimensions affecting consumer behavior for athletic wear foreign brands in india. International Journal of Applied Services Marketing Perspectives2(4), 651.


  1. Completed course titled ‘An introduction to Marketing a nine week online non-credit course authorized by University of Pennsylvania and offered through Courseera.
  2. Completed course titled 'Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship with distinction. It was a 6 week online non-credit course, offered through Coursera and offered by University of Maryland.
  3. Completed course titled ' Strategy and the Sustainable Enterprise '. It was offered by IIM-B through edx.
  4. Completed course titled ‘Economies of money and banking. It was offered by Columbia University through coursera.
  5. Completed Course titled ‘Introduction to Managerial Economics . It was offered by IIM-B through edx
  6. Completed Course titled ‘Predictive Analytics . It was offered by IIM-B through edx
  7. Completed course tilted ‘ Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business ‘ . It was offered through edx.
  8. Completed Course titled ‘ Introduction to Operations Management-1 It was offered by IIM-B through edx

Area of Interest

  • Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Consumer Psychology