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Assistant Professor, Agricultural Sciences


Dr. Raghvendra Singh works as a teaching and research professional in the field of Agronomy with research and teaching experience from different organizations such as School of Agriculture (ICAR-Accredited) ITM University, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh and as a Young professional form K.V.K BasuliMahrajganj Under Directorate of Extension, Acharya  Narendra Deva University of Agriculture and Technology KumarganjAyodhya.His teaching and research work focus on Organic Farming, Crop Residue Management Precision Agriculture, Weed Management, Water Management, Nutrient Management, and Farming System. He passed his M.Sc  and Ph.D. Agronomy from Acharya Narendra Deva University of Agriculture and Technology KumarganjAyodhya. He was awarded Best Thesis Awards on the occasion of National Conference on Promoting Reinvigorating Agri- Horti, Technology Innovations  (PRAGATI-2017), 11th-12th November-2017, awarded by Excellence in Research  Award on the occasion of National Conference on Doubling Farmers Income for Sustainable and Harmonious Agriculture “DISHA-2017,9-10th September, 2017 and also awarded Best Paper Award on the occasion of the International Conference on Agricultural, Allied Science & Biotechnology for Sustainability of Agriculture, Nutrition & Food Security (ICAASBSANFS)  at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi U.P. He has published more than 15 research papers in Different NAAS Rated Journals and Published more than 20 popular Hindi and English articles in ICAR and Different Magazines. He has published 2 Book entitled as Concepts of Agronomy and Agronomy & Animal Nutrition, 6 Book chapters and 4 practical Manual.

Prior to joining Sharda University, Dr. Singh worked as Asst. professor at School of Agriculture (ICAR-Accredited) ITM University, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, and as a Young Professional at K.V.K BasuliMahrajganj Under Directorate of Extension, Acharya Narendra Deva University of Agriculture and Technology KumarganjAyodhya, under the NICRA project.

  • Ph.D.  Agronomy
  • M.Sc. Agronomy & B.Sc.  in Agriculture

Research and Publications; -

  • Raghvendra Singh, Vipul Singh, Prabhat Singh, and R.A. Yadav Effect of phosphorus and PSB on yield attributes, quality, and economics of summergreengram(VignaradiataL.)JournalofPharmacognosyandPhytochemistry2018;7(2):404-408(NAASRating5.21)
  • Raghvendra Singh, Prabhat Singh Vipul Singh, and R.A. Yadav Effect ofphosphorus and PSB on growth parameters, yield, quality and economics ofsummer greengram (Vigna radiata L.) International Journal of ChemicalStudies; 2018;6(4):2798-2803 (NAASRating 5.31)
  • Raghvendra Singh, Ravi Shanker Singh, R. K. Pathak, Kuldeep Singh andVishalSinghEffectofHerbicidesonGrowthandYieldofChickpeaInternational Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences (2021)10(03):20-20 (NAASRating5.38)
  • Raghvendra Singh, Ravi Shanker Singh, R. K. Pathak, Kuldeep Singh andVishal Singh Effect of Weed Control treatments on weed control efficiencyandweedindexinChickpeaThePharmaInnovationJournal2021;10(7):977-980 (NAAS Rating5.23)
  • Abhineet,RajeshKumar,UmaSingh,VishuddhaNand,RaghvendraSingh,Ananad Singh and Dheeraj Kumar Effect of Restricted Irrigation Levels onGrowth of Various Varieties of wheat (Triticum aestivumL.) Multilogic inScience(JournalofAppliedScience)ISSN:2277-7601(NAASRating4.51)
  • VipulSinghRaviShankerSinghRaghvendraSingh,BNSingh,AnkitTiwariInfluenceofwheatvarietiesandphosphoruslevelsontheyieldcontributing characters, yield & economics of wheat (Triticum aestivumL.)under late sown condition Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry2019;8(1):1622-1625(NAASRating5.21)
  • Pankaj Kumar Singh, D.K. Verma, Ankit Tiwari, Rajiv Kumar Singh, GauriSankar Verma and Raghvendra Singh Yield Gap Analysis and Strategy ofvImprovingWheat(TriticumaestivumL.) ProductivityUnder LateSownThroughFrontLineDemonstrationEasternUttarPradeshInternationalJournal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences 2020 Special issue10:180-184(NAASRating5.38)
  • PankajKumarSingh,AnkitTiwari,D.K.Verma,RajivKumarSingh,RaghvendraSinghGauriSankarVermaImpactofFront-LineDemonstration on Yield and Profitability of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) inEastern Uttar Pradesh International Journal of Current Microbiology andAppliedSciences2020Special issue10:173-179(NAASRating5.38)
  • VipulSingh,RaviShankerSingh,GhanshyamSingh,BNSinghandRaghvendraSinghEffectofphosphoruslevelsonthegrowthcharactersandyieldofwheat(TriticumaestivumL.)varietiesgrownunderlatesowncondition International Journal of Chemical Studies; 2018;6(5):2468-2471(NAASRating5.31)
  • SudhakarSingh,RaghvendraSingh,NandanSinghandRajvirSinghComparativestudiesofuptakeofN,PandKinfluencedbydifferenttreatmentInternationalJournalofChemicalStudies;2020;8(4):3218-3220(NAASRating 5.31)
  • SatyaPrakash,PoonamSingh,KunwarA.P.Singh,VipulSingh,Raghvendra Singh, S.C. Vimal and Sagar Kumar Sharma Effect of PlantGrowth Regulators on Partially Aged Seeds of Spinach (Spinacea oleraceaL.) Genotypes International Journal of Current Microbiology and AppliedSciences2020 Specialissue10:173-179 (NAASRating5.38)
  • Shivanand,RaghvendraSingh,SandeepKumarSingh,AnkurShukla,Deependra Singh, Sumit Kumar Gupta Study the performance of differentvarieties and suitable variety of linseed for growing under irrigated conditionofeasternU.PJournalofPharmacognosyandPhytochemistry2020;9(6):734-737 (NAASRating5.21)
  • PremchandChaurasiya,Dr.R.S.Singh,Dr.R.K.Pathak,RaghvendraSinghTostudytheeffectofintegratednutrientmanagementongrowthandyieldofpotato.InternationalJournalofChemicalStudies;2020;8(6):861-865(NAASRating 5.31)
  • NeerajSingh,ShashankShekherSingh,GajendraSingh,RaghvendraSinghandSurendraKumarYadavEffectofinteraction(DateofsowingXvarieties)on wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) International Journal of Chemical Studies;2021;9(2):201-203(NAASRating5.31)
  • Neeraj Singh, Shashank Shekher Singh, Gajendra Singh, Anurag Srivastavand Raghvendra Singh Effect of optimum date of sowing and varities ongrowth and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) International Journal ofChemical Studies;2021;9(2):240-242 (NAASRating 5.31)
  • Neeraj Singh, Shashank Shekher Singh,Gajendra Singh,Raghvendra Singh Shivendra Pratap Singh and Anand Singh To access the performance ofdifferentvarietiesofwheatintermsofgrowthandyieldofwheatInternationalJournalofChemicalStudies;2021;9(2):183-186(NAASRating 5.31)
  • SunagSunagMN,RamPratapSingh,RaghvendraSinghandKuldeepSinghSinghEffectofintegratedmanagementontheperformanceofBarley(Hardeum vulgare L.) The Pharma Innovation Journal 2021;10 (9):1492-1496ThePharmaInnovationJournal2021;10(9):1492-1496(NAASRating5.23)
  • KuldeepSingh, Raghvendra Singh,andVishalSinghEffectofVermicompost, FYM, Azotobacter, and inorganic fertilizers on production and productivity of wheat (Triticum aestivumL.) A Review InternationalJournal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences (2020) Special Issue011:3256-3263 (NAASRating5.38)

Book Chapters

  1. RaghvendraSingh,Dr.VipulSingh,Dr.ManojKumar (2020) RoleofWaterinPlantGrowth-HydrologicalCycle-WaterinSoilPublished by Rivers,ISBNNo:978-93-89914-11-5
  2. RaghvendraSingh,AvinashKumarSinghandDeveshPathak(2020) PlasticMulchingforCropProduction Published by Rivers,ISBNNo:978- 93-89914-11-5
  3. RaghvendraSingh,Mo.Asad andPankaj KumarSingh(2020)SoilOrganicMatter-Composition,Decomposition,MineralizationandImmobilization Published by Rivers,ISBNNo:978- 93-89914-11-5
  4. RaghvendraSingh,SandeepKumarSingh,andDr.RajneeshSingh(2020) SoilColloids-Properties,Nature,TypesandSignificancePublished by Rivers,ISBNNo:978- 93-89914-11-5
  5. RaghvendraSingh,Dr.RajneeshSinghand SandeepKumarSingh,(2020) Weathring-SoilFormationFactorsandProcesses-ComponentsofSoilsPublished by Rivers,ISBNNo:978- 93-89914-11-5
  6. Raghvendra SinghKuldeep Singh,VishalSingh(2020) Cultivation ofWheatPublished by Rivers,ISBNNo:978- 93-89914-11-5

Book Published

  1. RaghvendraSingh,Dr.VipulSingh,Abhineet,NavaneetKumar (2019) ConceptsofAgronomy byRivers,ISBNNo.:978-93-88727-53-2
  2. RaghvendraSingh, Kuldeep Singh, Vishal Singh, Dr. Rajneesh Singh Sandeep Kumar Singh (2020) Agronomy&AnimalNutritionby Rivers,ISBNNo.:978-93-88727-53-2