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Dr. Pargin Bangotra

Assistant Professor, Physics


Dr. Pargin Bangotra is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics, School of Basic Sciences and Research, Sharda University. He received his M. Sc. and a Ph.D. degree from the Department of Physics, Dr. B.R.A National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar. He was Junior Research Fellow (2011-2013) and Senior Research Fellow (2013- 2017) under the research project sponsored by the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) and Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS), with the collaboration of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai (BARC).

He is actively working on Nuclear/ Radiation Physics and Atmospheric Sciences. He has published several peer reviewed papers (25) in reputed international journals. His publications have received many citations and has an i-10-index of 11. He has attended several international/national conferences/workshops/schools and FDPs.

  • 6 years (Research) + 4 years (Teaching)
  • M. Sc (Physics)
  • Ph. D (Nuclear and Radiation Physics).

Funded Projects:

  • Completed Project, “Synthesis and characterization of bimetallic nanoparticles and its application for wastewater remediation” Seed Fund Sharda University, Amount- 200000/, 2020-2022.


  • Water Filter Apparatus for Extracting Uranium from Water (Applied, 202111039827)
  • Method and apparatus for decontamination of aqueous sample contaminated with radioactive substances (Application no. 202111054285).
  • A Method of Handling Biomedical Waste (Application no. 202111002925). 


Main Research Papers

  • Pargin Bangotra, Manish Sharma, Rohit Mehra, Rajan Jakhu, Alok K Gautam, Sneha Gautam. (2021) A systematic study of uranium retention in human organs and quantification of radiological and chemical doses from uranium ingestion. Environmental Technology and Innovation, 21,101360. (Web of Sciences, Scopus, Impact Factor: 7.75). 
  • Manish Sharma, Pargin Bangotra, K Gautam, Sneha Gautam. (2021) Sensitivity of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to Land Surface Temperature, Soil Moisture and Precipitation over District Gautam Buddh Nagar, UP, accepted in press, Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment (Scopus, Impact Factor: 3.82).
  • Pragya Pandit, Preeti Mangla, Atul Saini, Pargin Bangotra, Rohit Mehra, Vinod Saini, Ajay Kumar Singh. (2020)  “Evaluation of Radioactive Elements and Heavy Metals in Mineralised Region of Siwaliks: A Case Study from Una, Hamirpur and Kangra Disticts of Himachal Pradesh, India”, Chemosphere, 254, 126857.(SCI, Impact Factor: 8.94) 
  •  Pargin Bangotra, Rohit Mehra, Pragya Pandit, Rajan Jakhu, Mukesh Bijalwan, (2019) “Quantification of an alpha flux based radiological dose from seasonal exposure to 222Rn, 220Rn and their different EEC species” Nature, Scientific Reports, 9, 2515.  (Scopus, web of Sciences, Impact Factor: 4.99).
  • Pargin Bangotra, Rohit Mehra, Rajan Jakhu, Kirandeep Kaur, (2018)."Estimation of 222Rn exhalation rate and assessment of Radiation hazardous from activity concentration of 226Ra, 232Th and 40K", "Journal of Geochemical Exploration", 184 (B), 304 – 310. (Web of Sciences, SCI, Scopus, Impact Factor:  4.16)
  • Rajan Jakhu, Rohit Mehra, Pargin Bangotra, H.M Mittal, (2018). “Estimation of Terrestrial radionuclide concentration and effect of soil parameters on exhalation and emanation rate of radon”, "Journal of Geochemical Exploration", 184 (B), 296– 303. (Web of Sciences, SCI, Scopus, Impact Factor: 4.16)
  • Rohit Mehra, Pargin Bangotra, Kirandeep Kaur, (2015)" Measurement of 222Rn and 220Rn concentration in air, water and soil for the Assessment of Annual Effective Dose", published in "Frontiers in Environmental Sciences". 3, 27. (Scopus, Impact Factor: 5.41).
  • Pargin Bangotra, Rohit Mehra, Kirandeep Kaur, Sandeep Kanse, Rosaline Mishra, B.K Sahoo, (2015). "Estimation of EEC, Unattached Fraction and Equilibrium factor for the assessment of Radiological dose using Pin hole cup dosimeters and deposition based progeny sensors", "Journal of Environmental Radioactivity". 148, 67-73. (SCI, Scopus, Impact Factor: 2.65)

Other research papers

  • Zainab Mushtaq, Manish Sharma, Pargin Bangotra, Alok Sagar Gautam, Sneha Gautam, (2022).     . Accepted in press “Aerosol Science and Engineering” (Scopus). (Scopus, Impact Factor 1.46)
  • Sakshi Takkar, Anuj Kakran, Veerpal Kaur, Manik Rakhra, Manish Sharma, Pargin Bangotra, Neha Verma, (2021) Recognition of image-based plant leaf diseases using deep learning classification models, “Nature Environment and Pollution Technology”, 20 (5), 2137-2147. (Scopus, Impact Factor: 0.5)
  • Martine Thomson Pazhoor, Pavan Kumar Gautam, Sintu Samanta, Suman, Pargin Bangotra, Sushmita Banerjee (2021). Performance assessment of Zn–Sn bimetal oxides for the removal of inorganic arsenic in groundwater, Groundwater for Sustainable Development, 14, 100600. (Scopus) 
  • Manish Sharma, Pargin Bangotra (2020). Lockdown impact on particulate matter and role of meteorological parameters in the transmission of COVID – 19. Nature Environment and Pollution Technology, 19 (4),  1627 - 1636 .(Scopus, Impact Factor: 0.5)
  • Rajan jakhu, Rohit Mehra, Pargin Bangotra (2020) Risk assessment of 226Ra and 222Rn from the drinking water in the Jalandhar and Kapurthala districts of Punjab. SN Applied Sciences, 2, 1032. (Scopus).
  • Pragya Pandit, Shailendra Kumar, Manoj Mohpatra, Pargin Bangotra, Rohit Mehra, A.K Singh,(2019) “Structural, Photoluminescence and dielectric investigations of phosphatic shale”, Luminescence, DOI: 10.1002/bio.3598. (SCI, Scopus, Impact Factor: 2.61)
  • Pragya Pandit, Shailendra Kumar, Pargin Bangotra, Rohit Mehra (2018). “Structural and Luminescent Characterization of Uraniferous Flouraptite with Phosphatic Rocks of the Bijawar Group in Sagar Distt. Madhya Pradesh (India)”, “Journal of Earth System Science”. (Scopus, Impact Factor: 1.91).
  • Pargin Bangotra, Rohit Mehra, Jakhu R, Kirandeep Kaur, (2016). "Study of natural radioactivity (226Ra, 232Th and 40K) in soil samples for the assessment of average effective dose and radiation Hazards", Published in "Radiation Protection, Dosimetry", 171(2), 277-281. (SCI, Impact Factor: 0.95)
  • Rohit Mehra, Rajan Jakhu , Pargin Bangotra (2016), H M Mittal, "Estimation of Radiological dose from EEC of 222Rn, 220Rn using DTPS/DRPS and wire mesh capped progeny Sensors.", published in "Dose Response ".14(4),1 - 6, (SCI, Impact Factor: 2.62).
  • Rohit Mehra, Rajan Jakhu , Pargin Bangotra, Kirandeep Kaur, "Assessment of Inhalation dose from Indoor 222Rn and 220Rn using RAD7" , published in "Radiation Protection Dosimetery" 171 (2), 201-208. (SCI, Impact Factor: 0.95).
  • Rohit Mehra, Pargin Bangotra, Kirandeep Kaur, Sandeep Kanse, Rosaline Mishra, (2015). Estimation of Attached and Unattached progeny of 222Rn and 220Rn concentration using Deposition based progeny sensors", "Radiation Protection Dosimetery", 167 (1-3), 92-96. (SCI, Impact Factor: 0.95).
  • Rohit Mehra, Kirandeep Kaur, Pargin Bangotra. (2015) "Estimation of annual effective dose due to 222Rn level in indoor air and groundwater in Bathinda district of Punjab", published in "Indoor and Built Environment", 25 (1),848 – 856. (SCI, Impact Factor:  3.06). 
  • HS Virk, Rajan Jakhu, Pargin Bangotra, (2015) “Natural Uranium Content in Ground Waters of Mohali and Fatehgarh Districts of North Punjab (India) for the assessment of Excess Cancer Risk” published in “Global Journal of Human –Social Science (B)” 16(4).
  • Rohit Mehra, Kirandeep Kaur, Pargin Bangotra, B.K Sahoo (2014). "Study of variation of 222Rn/ 220Rn and their progeny concentration in dwellings using Single Entry Pin hole based Diffusion Chambers", published in "Indoor and Built Environment" 25 (2), 390 – 396. (SCI, Impact Factor: 3.06).

Book Chapter:

  • Manish Sharma, Pargin Bangotra, Alok Sagar Gautam, Consequence of Meteorological Parameters on the Transmission of Covid-19. Book Name: "Biotechnology to Combat COVID-19”, ISBN 978-1-83968-627-6 (Publisher: Intech Open, Scopus).

 International/ National conferences

Oral Presentations:

  • "Measurement of Attached and Unattached progeny of 222Rn and 220Rn concentration using Deposition based progeny sensors ", in 9th International Conference of Natural Radiation Environment, Hirosaki University, Japan (23 -26 Sept, 2014).
  • "Seasonal variation of Indoor   222Rn and 220Rn in Mansa District of Punjab (India), Using Single Entry Pin-hole cup dosimeters", in 4th Bi - Annual International Geo - Hazards Research Symposium, NASA Ames, California, United States (10-12 Dec, 2014). 
  • "Study of natural radioactivity (226Ra, 232Th and 40K) in soil samples for the assessment of average effective dose and radiation hazards", in National conference on Radiation Awareness and Detection in Natural Environment, Tehri, India (15 -17 June, 2015).
  • "Study of attachment rate and seasonal behaviour of EEC of 222Rn and 220Rn using Pin - hole cup dosimeters and DTPS/DRPS sensors", in 19th National conference on Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors and the Applications (SSNTDs - 19), Dr B.R Ambedkar NIT Jalandhar, India (19 – 21 Nov, 2015).
  • “International Conference on Emerging Technology in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (ICETEEE - 2020)”, Jaipur, India.

Poster Presentations:

  • "Comparative Study on variation of Radon gas concentration in Dry and Moist soil" in International Conference "Radenviron", Babsahib Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow, India. Won 3rd Prize in Presentation (12 – 14 April, 2012).
  • "Assessment of Life time Fatality Risk and Annual Dose Estimation by Continuous Monitoring of 222Rn Concentration in Air, Water and Soil of Bathinda District of Punjab, India" in 18th National Conference of SSNTD, Aggarwal College, Ballabgarh, India (18 -20 Oct, 2013).
  • "Pin- hole cup discriminated 222Rn / 220Rn passive measurement device with single entry face for assessing doses in some districts of Malwa region of Punjab, India" in 3rd National Conference of Advanced Material and Radiation Physics, Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and technology, Sangroor, India (22 -23 Nov, 2013).
  • "222Rn, 220Rn action level problems and estimation of Radiological dose in the environs of Mansa district of Punjab (India), using Single Entry Pin-hole cup dosimeters", in International Conference on Medical Physics, Radiation Protection and Radiobiology, Jaipur, India (2015).
  • "Seasonal Variation of Unattached fraction and Equilibrium Factor of 222Rn and 220Rn using DRPS/ DTPS and Pin hole cup dosimeters", in American Geophysical Meeting (AGU – 2015), San Francisco, California, USA.

Workshops Attended

  • Attended Workshops on "Measurement technique of Radon, Thoron and their decay products", BARC Mumbai, sponsored by Department of Atomic Energy and Board Research of Nuclear Sciences, Mumbai (21 -25 Nov, 2011).
  • Attended short term course on ”Recent trends in Advanced Material and computing Techniques, sponsored by Teqip-ll", Dr. BRA NIT, Jalandhar (11- 15 Mar, 2013).
  • Attended short term course on "Emerging trends in Physics and Information technology sponsored by Teqip-ll", Dr. BRA National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar (2013).
  • Attended Ph.D Teaching programme on "Nuclear Models" and "Instrumentation and Control" sponsored by Inter University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi (25 Sept – 17 Oct, 2013).
  • Attended Refresher Course in "Experimental Physics" sponsored by Indian Academy of Sciences, VVIET, Mysore (11 Nov – 26 Nov, 2014).
  • Attended short term course on "Recent trends in Applied Mathematics" organized by Society for promotion of Mathematics by Department of Mathematics, Dr. B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar (30 Nov – 04 Dec, 2015).
  • Attended workshop on "Radon Mapping and Nano Structure Synthesis Using Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors" sponsored by Haryana State Council for Scienceand Technology, Arya P.G College, Panipat (19 – 20 Mar, 2016).
  • Attended short term course on "Advanced Functional Material" organized by Department of Physics, Dr. B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar (30 Dec 2019 – 03 Jan, 2020).
  • Attended seven days Faculty development program on “Recent trends on Material Sciences” organized by Department of Physics, Sharda University (2021).

Conferences/ Events Organized

  • National Conference on Environment and Energy Materials (NCEEM-2020) as a secretary, from June 27th to 28th, 2020. (200 participants).
  • National Conference on Functional Material as an organizing committee member, from July 25th to 26th, 2020. (200 participants).
  • International Conference on Science & Engineering of Materials as an organizing committee member, from July 19th to 22nd, 2021. (280 participants).
  • Conduct an online event as secretary entitled “The Gender Wage Gap” on dated 28-07-2020.
  • Conduct an online event as convener entitled “Right, Duties and Responsibilities of Citizens” on dated 27-01-2020.

     Journal Reviwer List

  • Applied Radiation and Isotopes (I.F: 1.8)
  • International Journal of Environmental and Public Health (I.F: 4.61)
  • Egyptian Journal of Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (I.F: 6.39)
  • Sustainability (I.F: 3.25)
  • Environment, Development and Sustainability (I.F: 3.21)
  • Heliyon (I.F: 2.85)
  • Arid Land Research and Management (I.F: 1.69)
  • Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences (I.F: 1.8)
  • SN Applied Sciences

Area of Interest

Environmental Radiation Monitoring, Alpha Exposure, Gamma Exposure, Radioactive aerosols, Gamma Spectroscopic studies, Effective Dose and Risk Assessment, Radionuclides Spectroscopic Studies, Radon Pollution Studies in the Human Environment, Estimation of Uranium and heavy toxic metals in drinking water and soil samples for health risk assessment.