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Dr. Deepak Khandelwal

Assistant Professor, Dental Sciences



Dr. Deepak Khandelwal has specialized in the field of Pediatric & Preventive Dentistry. He is dedicated to helping children (from infancy to adolescence) achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy smiles. He has done his BDS from one of the most eminent colleges of India- Maulana Azad institute of Dental sciences (Delhi University) and MDS in Pediatric and preventive dentistry from UCMS & GTB Hospital (Delhi University). He is an experienced practitioner, with excellent chair-side clinical skills and behavior management.

  • Assistant Professor in School of dental sciences, Sharda University( Since July 2019 - Till Date)
  • Senior Resident in UCMS and GTB Hospital, Delhi (3 years and 3  months)
  • MDS
  • BDS
Award & Recognition

  • Lifetime member of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry


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  • Khandelwal D, Kalra N. Space Management: Preserve as long as you can. Lambert Academic Publishing 2017


  • Various Conferences and CDEs Attended of Pediatric Dentistry and Other Dental Specialties

Area of Interest

  • Pediatric endodontics
  • Behavior Management
  • Space management