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Dr. Anurag Tripathi

Assistant Professor, Agricultural Sciences


I had completed my under graduate (B.Sc.Ag) from U.A.S. Bangalore. I had completed master in Genetics and Plant Breeding) from G.B.P.U.A.T .Pantnagr and had done Ph.D from G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagr in 2017.I had qualified ICAR and CSIR NET in life science. Currently working as Assistant Professor in department of agriculture science in SBSR in Sharda University




  • Ph.D
Award & Recognition

  • ICAR National Tallent Fellowship During Graduation
  • ICAR Junior Research Fellowship During Master Degree.(All India Rank-25)
  • ICAR Senior Research Fellowship , (All India Rank-General-22)
  • 3rd rank in GBPUAT Pantnagr University Phd ENTRANCE EXAMINATION.
  • Appointed as Judge in “NATIONAL CHILDREN SCIENCE CONGRESS” at iner-regional level in central school Greater Noida..


  • Anurag Tripathi, Sudhir Kumar, Mithilesh Kumar Singh, Arun Kumar, M.K. Karnwal. Phenotypic assessment of rice (Oryza sativa L.) genotypes for inter-trait variability and varietal diversity under direct seeded condition. Journal of Applied and Natural Science. (NAAS-5.06)
  • Anurag Tripathi, Amarjeet Kumar, Sudhir Kumar, Mithilesh Kumar Singh, Birendra Prasad, M.K.  Karnwal. Inter Character Correlation Among Different Quality Traits In Direct Seeded Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Progressive Research–An International Journal
  • M.K.Singh, Gaurav Kumar, Anurag Tripathi. (2015). Inter Trait Correlation and Heritability Study in Direct Seeded Rice (Oryza sativa. L). Environment and Ecology, 34 (4C) 1962-1965. (NAAS.4.09)
  • Mithilesh Kumar, Birendra Prasad, Anurag Tripathi. (2015). Evaluation of F4 Rice QTL Pyramids for Plant Growth and Yield Parameters Under Aerobic Condition. Environment and Ecology. 33 (4B) 970-420.(NASS 4.09)
  • Arun Kumar, Baudh Bharti, Jaydev Kumar, Anurag Tripathi, N.C. Gahtyari, J.P.Jaiswal, S.R.Vishwakarma. (2016). Genetic Variability for Morphological Traits in Released Varieties of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) under Partially Reclaimed Saline- Sodic Soil. Indian Journal of Plant Genetic Resources, 29(1)45-51. (NASS 4.57)
  • Sudhir Kumar, Anurag Tripathi, Poonam Tiwari, Pooja Singh, Amarjeet Kumar, Lianthan Zauva, Rekha Kansal. Molecular Characterization and in Silico Analysis of Cajanus cajan Lectin (CCL) Gene. Ecology, Environment and Conservation.  Ref. No EEC–2016- 1827. (NAAS-5.02).
  • Anurag Tripathi,.S.Verma, Kamendra Singh, N.K.Singh,Sundip Kumar(2017), Study on heritability genetic advance and genetic variability in maize genotypes (Zea mays L.),2017,International Journal of chemical studies;62(1) 5(4)2075

Review articles

  • Anurag Tripathi, Sudhir Kumar, Amarjeet Kumar, Mithilesh Kumar Singh. Biofortification Breeding for nutritional security. Current Biotica. ISSN NO-0973-4031. (NAAS-3.68). (Accepted)
  • Sudhir Kumar, Anurag Tripathi, Abhay Kumar  Gaurav. Role of lectins in plant defence Activities and Applications. Current Biotica. ISSN NO-0973-4031. (NAAS-3.68). (Accepted)
  • Anurag Tripathi, Neeshu Joshi and Amarjeet Kumar. (2016). Maize production technologies in India-A review. Octa Journal of Environmental Research. 4(3) 243-251.

Popular articles (In Hindi) (one)

  • Neeshu Joshi, Dr Pratap Singh and Anurag Tripathi. Faslo m jaiv urvarak ka mahattav aur upyog. Vishwa krishi sanchar. September. 2016, pp 53-54.

Newspaper article

  • Neeshu Joshi and Anurag Tripathi. "Falon avam sabjiyo mein sinchaayi k samay ka nirdharan." Krishi amrit (Paakshik samachar patra). 5(2) 6. 15th October, 2016.


  • Training – Attend two  days training program on “PPV@FR Act 2001” held at G.B.P.U.A.T,   Pantnagar, Uttarakhand, 9-10 March, 2013.
  • Attended two days seminar and presented poster in 3rd International Conference on New Frontiers in Biotechnology, Science, Health and Medicine “Geno Pro” 23-24 Sep 2016. Invertis, Bareily.
  •  Attended two days seminar and presented the poster in the national conference on “Effect of climate change on the development of modern Agriculture and Technology” 16-17 December 2016 GBPUAT Pantnagar.

Attend one-day faculty development programme on “How to plan, write and submit Project Proposals” offered by DR.S.K Soam, Principle Scientist ICAR-NAARM in Sharda University on 31st January 2019.



Area of Interest

  • Genetics & Plant Breeding