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Dr. Amarnath Tripathi

Associate Professor & Area chairperson, Management



Dr. Amarnath Tripathi is Associate Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics and International Business, School of Business Studies, Sharda University, India. Previously, he has been a member of faculty in the Symbiosis School of Economics, Symbiosis International (Deemed University), Pune and the Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi. Amarnath has also been a visiting doctoral fellow of Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai. He completed his Ph.D. in Economics from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi and post-doctorate from Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi under Think Tank Initiative of International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada. 

Tripathi has over 10 years of experience in academic and applied economic research. His research interests include Agriculture & Natural Resource Economics; Food Security & Food System; Rural Livelihood, Economics of Climate Change; and Public Policy & Impact Evaluation. He has published widely and several of his research articles have appeared in good impact journals like Environment Management, Climatic Risk Management, Journal of Environmental Management and Planning, and Economic and Political Weekly. He also writes columns in both print and digital media.

  • 10 Years
  • Ph.D. in Economics

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

2018 – CSC Sekhar, Amarnath Tripathi, Yogesh Bhatt. Ensuring MSP to farmers: are deficiency payment an option. Economic and Political Weekly. 53(51). 50-57.

2017 – Amarnath Tripathi, Ashok K. Mishra. Knowledge and passive adaptation to climate change: an example from India. Climate Risk Management. 16, 195-207.

2017 – Thiagu Ranganathan, Amarnath Tripathi, Ghanshyam Pandey. Income mobility among Social Groups in Indian rural households. Economic and Political Weekly. 52(41). 73-76.

2017 - Nilabja Ghosh, Amarnath Tripathi, Rajeshwor, Roopal Singh. Do producers gain from selling milk: An economic assessment of dairy farming in contemporary India?  Economic and Political Weekly. 52(25 - 26), 88-96.

2017 - Amarnath Tripathi, Ashok K. Mishra. Adapting to climate change: what can Indian farmers do? Economic and Political Weekly. 52(24), 53-59.

2017 – Brajesh Jha, Amaranth Tripathi. How susceptible is Indias food basket to climate change. Social Change. 47(1). 11 -27.

2017 – Amarnath Tripathi. Socioeconomic backwardness and vulnerability to climate change: evidence from Uttar Pradesh state in India. Journal of Environmental Planning & Management. 60(2). 328-350.

2016 – Amarnath Tripathi, Ashok K. Mishra, Geetanjali Verma. Impact of preservation of sub soil water act on ground water depletion: the case of Punjab, India. Environmental Management. 58(1). 48-59.

2016 – Amarnath Tripathi. Agriculture is still engine of economic growth: empirical evidence from Uttar Pradesh, India. Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development. 13(1). 1-20.

2012 – Amarnath Tripathi. Economic growth in Uttar Pradesh during high growth regime of India. Indian Economic Journal. 60(3).  148-159.

2011 – Amarnath Tripathi, Shraddha Srivastava. Interstate migration and changing food preferences in India. Ecology of Food and Nutrition. 50(5). 410-428.

2011 - Brajesh Jha, Amaranth Tripathi. Isnt climate change affecting wheat productivity in India? Indian Journal of Agriculture Economics. 66(3). 353-364.

2011 – Shraddha Srivastava, Amarnath Tripathi. Food consumption pattern among the poor households in BIMARU states of India – recent evidence from the National Sample Survey. Asian Economic Review. 53(3). 481-490.

2010 - Brajesh Jha, Amaranth Tripathi. Towards understanding the process of agriculture diversification in India. Indian Economic Journal. 58(2). 101-120.

2010 – Amarnath Tripathi. Total factor productivity growth in Indian Agriculture. Journal of Global Economy. 6(4). 286-297.

2010 – Amarnath Tripathi, A R Prasad. An overview of agrarian economy in India: the performance and determinants. ICFAI Journal of Agriculture Economics. 7(1&2). 62-82.

2010 – Shraddha Srivastava, Amarnath Tripathi, A. R. Prasad.  Regional heterogeneity in food consumption and nutritional intake in India. International Research Journal of Social Sciences. 3 (2). 109 – 123.

2010 - Shraddha Srivastava, Amarnath Tripathi, A. R. Prasad.  A critical review of measurement of poverty and policies of India. International Research Journal of Social Sciences. 3 (1). 173 – 181.

2010 - Amarnath Tripathi, Shraddha Srivastava. Total factor productivity and public investment in agriculture. South Asian Journal of Commerce and Management. 1 (1). 16 – 23.

2009 - Amarnath Tripathi, A R Prasad. Estimation of agricultural supply response by co-integration approach. Indian Economic Journal. 57(1). 106-131.

2009 - Amarnath Tripathi, A R Prasad. Agriculture development in India since Independence: a study on progress, performance, and determinants. Journal of Emerging Knowledge on Emerging Economies. 1(1). 64-92.

2008 - Amarnath Tripathi, A R Prasad. Agriculture productivity growth in Indian Agriculture. Journal of Global Economy. 4(4). 322-328.

Book Chapters

Forthcoming - “Changing sources of income and income inequality among Indian rural households (with T. Ranganathan & Bisla Rajoriya)”. Labour Markets in Rural India: Dynamic and Emerging Issues. Ed. Kailash Sarap. South Asian Publisher. 

2017 – “Agricultural vulnerability to climate change: contribution of socio-economic factors”. Global Change, Ecosystems, Sustainability: Theory, Methods, Practice. Eds. Pranab Mukhopadhyay, Nandan Nawn & Kalyan Das. Sage Publications. 165-171. 

2017 – “Wheat sector in India: production, policies, and food security (with Ashok K, Mishra)”.  The Eurasian Wheat Belt and Food Security: Global and Regional Aspects. Eds. Gomez y Paloma, S., Mary, S., Langrell, S., Ciaian, P.  Springer International Publishing. 275-296.

2014 – “The role of China and India for the Eurasian wheat sector (with Ashok K Mishra & H. Wang)”. The Role of the Eurasian Wheat Belt to Regional and Global Food Security. Eds. Stephen Langrell, Pavel Ciaian, Sebastian Mary, & Sergio Gomez y Paloma. JRC Technical Report, European Commission. 68-82.

2014 – “How strong is the threat of climate change for paddy (with Brajesh Jha)”. Climate Change and Crop Production. Eds. J. C. Dagar, A. Arumachalam, & A. K. Singh.  Aviskar Publication.

2013 – “Profitability, Crop Productivity, and Farm Income in India”. Agrarian Crisis in India: The Way Out. Eds. K. Suman Chandra, V. Suresh Babu & P. K. Nath. Academic Foundation.  

General Essays/Op-Ed 

2017 - ‘Kishano Ko Kosna Ilaaj Nahi, Dainik Jagran. November 17th.

2017 - ‘Kaise Dugani Ho Kishano Ki Aay, Dainik Jagran. October 24th.

2017 - ‘Cold Chain Integrity – relevance, support and challenges, Food and Beverages News, August 1-15. 

2017 - ‘Cold Chain in India: Relevance, Government Support and Challenges, Impact News, July 25th.

2017 - ‘India Needs a Climate-Smart Agriculture, Impact News, July 24th.

2016 - ‘Bumpy Road Ahead for Agriculture Sector eSocialScieneces. February 17th.

2015 - ‘What Bharat wants? (with N Ghosh), Business Line. October 21st.

2015 - ‘Vikas ka paimana (in Hindi), Dainik Jagran. October 14th.

2014 - ‘Badalti Siyasat (in Hindi), Dainik Jagran. June 24th.

2014 - ‘Lubhawni Rail (in Hindi), Dainik Jagran. February 15th.

2013 - ‘Khadya Suraksha Ka Naya Pahalu (in Hindi), Dainik Jagran. September 28th.

2012 - ‘Interview on FDI in Retail Sector, Scientific Temper, December.

2012 - ‘Recent Trends of Indian Agriculture, World Focus, October.

2012 - ‘Potentiality of Indian Agriculture, World Focus, May.

Area of Interest

  • Agriculture & Natural Resource Economics; Food Security & Food System; Rural Livelihood, Economics of Climate Change; and Public Policy & Impact Evaluation