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Dr. Ajay Kumar

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry



Thirty-five years of research experience exclusively in the fields of organic / polymeric synthesis, modification, application and processing. The specialized discipline of organic chemistry integrated with the experience of polymer science has graduated me as a material scientist capable of designing and developing new materials of industrial significance. During the period, I have worked on synthesis of naturally occurring coumarin derivatives as bioactive compounds, polyglycolic acid / polylactic acid and their copolymers with caprolactone for suture application, styrene – butadiene – styrene triblock copolymer and its modification to environmentally stable hydrogenated SEBS, pyruvic acid based Super Absorbent Polymers. Also, perfluorinated lubricating oil from hexafluoro propylene as radiation resistant materials, polyurethane based perm selective membranes may be highlighted as the areas of experience in the field of polymer synthesis.

  • 35+
  • Ph.D
  • M.Phil
  • M.Sc.
Award & Recognition

  • 8 Patents


  • 57


Technology Incubation, Univ of Texas, Austin

Area of Interest

  • Industrial Research