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Dr. Aarti Sharma

Assistant Professor, Human Resources & Organisational Behaviour


I have completed my Ph.D. in Management from Sharda University and MBA & BCA from Indraprastha University, Delhi. Post gaining considerable industry experience, I switched to follow my passion, i.e. academics. My research focus has been “The Impact of Work engagement in the Shipping Industry”.  I have truly enjoyed sharing my knowledge with young minds ever since my journey as a faculty started at Sharda University.

  • 9 Years.
  • Ph.D
  • MBA

Journal Publications:

  1. Sengupta, S.,  Sharma, A., Goel, A., & Dharwal, M.,. “Different People, Different Strokes: Comparison of Job and Personal resources across diverse employee demography in the Shipping Industry.” WMU Journal  of Maritime Affairs (Scopus Indexed) (H-Index:13, SJR:0.42)
  2. Sharma, A., Goel, A., & Sengupta, S. (2017). “How does Work Engagement vary with Employee Demography?:—Revelations from the Indian IT industry.” Procedia Computer Science, 122, 146-153. (Scopus Indexed, DBLP Indexed) (H-Index:34, SJR:0.27)
  3. Sharma, A., Sengupta, S., Bnga, S., (2016), “The impact of job resources and personal resources on Work Engagement: A comprehensive study of the Indian Shipping Industry”, International Journal in Management and Social Science, 4(3), 246-256,  ISSN: 2321-1784

Conference Publications:

  1. Sharma, A., Sengupta, S., Dev, S.(2015), “Does Work Engagement vary with demographic factors”, International Conference on 'Research and Business Sustainability' organized by IIT Roorkee in collaboration with Sheffield Business School, held at IIT-Roorkee, Greater Noida Campus, 4th— 6th December, 2015
  2. Sharma, A., Sengupta, S.,& Banga, S. (2014), “The moderating role of Affect between Work Engagement and Psychological Well-being: A Conceptual Framework”, Values, Mindset, Gender and Strategy: A need for re-positioning SHRM, Faculty of Management Studies Amity University, pp. 98-103, May 2014.
  3. Sharma, A., Sengupta, S.,& Banga, S. (2014), “A Conceptual Framework for developing human resource through Work Engagement and Psychological Well-being”, 2nd International Conference on Technological and Management Advances in the New age Economy: an Industry Perspective, at Mangalmay Institutions, pp. 2,March 2014.

Area of Interest

  • Work Engagement
  • Human Resource Management
  • Training & Development