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Ankita S Pandey

Associate Professor, Art & Design



I am a multidimensional sustainable design expert, design thinker and educator with an experience that breaks traditional boundaries and multiple geographies. I yearn to custom-fit myself to new roles and expand my horizon.

As an experienced design thinker, I draw on my ability to empathize, innovate and transform lives and organisations. Assisting them in constantly evolving in complex business scenarios. The ability to think beyond myself and focusing on lives and people around me, empowers my femininity and human spirit. Driving me towards bringing change, which I have learnt are often indirect and may get unrecognized, but never ineffective.

My partnerships, whether personal or professional, are primarily built on ethics and value systems that are not limited by geographies and domains. I have had a privilege to partner with 18-20 organisations, that range from govt institutions, start-ups, educational institutions, retailers, brands and students. I focus on developing outcome-oriented strategies for them with possibilities of long-term yet agile changes. I believe business reform needs visionary design thinking approach and cultural understanding of grassroots to bring in deep shifts for long-term sustainability.

Academically my publications include 3 papers with Web of Science indexing and 2 with SCOPUS indexing. The pedagogical focus and expertise is in studio-based learning and project-based learning to give students an opportunity to find their own niche and not just being limited to fitting into the mainstream.'

  • 18 years
  • FDIT (UG Diploma from NIFT, Delhi-1999-2002)
  • BCA

  • On-going with Apparel Online


  • Design Theory from Coursera; On-going with Coursera; Circular Fashion: Art, Design and Science in a Sustainable Clothing Industry with EDX

Area of Interest

  • Design Theory
  • Fashion as a Design
  • Writing,
  • Traveling
  • Film Appreciation
  • Architecture