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Aakifa Ahmad

Assistant Professor, Pharmacy


I am Aakifa Ahmad, professionally I am a neuropharmacologist. I have done my M.Pharm from Jamia Hamdard, one of the “A” grade university accredited by NAAC. Where I have completed Two years Research project (Evaluation of Estriol on animal Models of epileptogenesis and MAP kinase pathway).  I have broad scientific knowledge regarding research, teaching and technical experience with proven record of developing, implementing research and teaching standard at the University.




  • M.pharm (Pharmacology)

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  • Aakifa Ahmad, Naushad M. Alam, Vohora D, Pillai KK., Action of Estriol on animal model and epileptogenesis. Neuroscience, 2012, ISI Impact Factor (3.5),
  • Naushad M.Alam, Sarwar Beg, Rizwan Mohammad, Aakifa Ahmad, Farhan Ahmad, Aqil Mohammad, Asgar Ali., Mucoadhesive Elementary Osmotic Pump Tablets of Trimetazidine for Controlled Drug Delivery and reduced Variability in Oral Bioavailability. Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, 2013 (ISI Impact Factor 2.5).
  • Aakifa Ahmad, Abdul Kalam Najmi, Md. Naushad Alam.Female ovarian hormone- estriol's proconvulsant effect on kainic acid induced seizures in mice followed by drosophila system model.IJPLS Journal. 2018.
  • Aakifa Ahmad, Md. Naushad Alam, Abul Kalam Najmi, Farhan Jalees Ahmad, 2017 Proconvulsant effects of estriol-a female ovarian hormone on kianic acid induced seizures in mice. Int J Adv Pharm Med Bioallied Sci, Vol 2017, 01-07.
  • Aakifa Ahmad, Md Naushad Alam, Abuul Kalam Najmi, Combination of estriol and vitamin D assists in improving stress incontinence stage. IJPLS journal 2019.


  • Epilepsy: Recent Advances in Drug Discovery and Treatment, 13th February, 2010, held at Convention Hall ,Jamia Hamdard , New Delhi.
  • Recent advances in food fortification with emphasis on Vitamin D deficiency in human health on 15-16 th  September, 2018 (Poster presentation).
  • Recent advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences and health on 26 th  February, 2018 (oral presentation).
  • Reassessing the basic elements of quality assurance for pharmaceutical performance on 18 th March, 2016 (Poster presentation).

Area of Interest

  • Neuropharmacology, epilepsy, RtPcr, Drosophila fly model, estrogens, steroid, estriol,

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