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About Department

Working in the field of Oral Pathology & Microbiology is very exciting as we deal with few of the most challenging diseases faced by mankind. Today Oral Cancer has taken its toll on people around the globe & is the third most common cause of death due to Cancer among Indian population. Through our education & applied research program, Oral Pathology department is making substantial contribution in the detection of potentially malignant lesions and lending a helping hand to our fellow clinical experts in diagnosis of Oral Cancer. Working as Oral Pathologist, we have the opportunity to address many dreaded diseases of head & neck region & help in their early diagnosis & treatment. Mass screening of patients with potentially malignant lesions can be done through toluidine blue staining. It will help in faster and early detection of the lesions and a treatment plan can be chalked out. Simultaneously patients can be also be counselled to stop the habit. Oral Pathology also deals with various cysts that can be associated with the tooth. They form a major chunk of the oral lesions. Various skin disorders manifest quite early in the oral cavity and then the diagnosis becomes an obligation on the part of Oral Pathology as a specialty and planning the treatment for the same.

Awards & Achievements

Dr.Ritika Sharma (Reader)

  1. XVI National Tripple “0” Symposium 15th -17th March 2018,Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma- A review of two cases, Organized by Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology in Collaboration with the Department of Oral Surgery & Oral Pathology Microbiology at BBD College of Dental Sciences, BBD University Lucknow. (1st prize best poster award)

Dr.Vidyadevi Chandavarkar (Reader)

  1. XVI National Tripple “0” Symposium 15th -17th March 2018,Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor of Maxilla in a Year Old: A  Case Red, Organized by Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology in Collaboration with the Department of Oral Surgery & Oral Pathology Microbiology at BBD College of Dental Sciences, BBD University Lucknow. (2nd prize best poster award)

List of Post Graduate Awards

  1. Dr. VandheerKunal won 1st prize in poster competition in Triple O symposium held from 6th-8th Sept 2013.
  2. Dr. Mohd. Naser won 2nd prize in poster competition in Triple O symposium held from 6th-8th Sept 2013 .
  3. Dr. Tanay Dubey won 1st prize for scientific paper presentation .
  4. Dr.Syed Mustansir won 2nd prize in photo exhibition mela 2016.
  5. Dr.Samridhi  won 1st prize for best scientific paper presentation in 14th National Conference Indian Association of Forensic Odontology from 23rd -25th September 2016.


  • Dr. Deepak Bhargava (Prof  & HOD) won 1st prize in singing competition.
  • Dr. VandheerKunal won 1st prize in SCULP-IN (Carving Competition).
  • Dr. VandheerKunal won 1st prize in ESEMPLASTIC(Plaster Sculpting Competition).
  • Dr. Awantika won silver medal in badminton.

Seminars & Workshops

  1. Neoplasia learning in easy way Guest Lecture by Dr. N. Govind Rajkumar in SDS on 24th November 2015.
  2. Oral Hygiene Workshop organized at R.D.RAJPAL SCHOOL Senior Secondary  Sector-9 Dwarka on 20th August 2015.
  3. Career counseling workshop for class 11th & 12th Students organized at R.D.RAJPAL SCHOOL Senior Secondary  Sector-9 Dwarka on 23rd Feb 2017.



  • DADH Lab
  • Histopathology Lab
  • Clinics
  • Facilities offered are Cytology Biopsy
  • Hemoglobin estimation
  • Bleeding time (BT)
  • Clotting time (CT)
  • Blood sugar estimation
  • TLC/DLC & Toulidine Blue Staining

Research & Publications

List of Publications, Dr.Deepak Bhargava, Professor & Head


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List of Publications Dr.Puja Bansal, Professor

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List of Publications Dr. Mithilesh N. Mishra, Reader

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List of Publications Dr.Ritika Sharma, Reader

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List of Publications Dr. Vidyadevi Chandavarkar, Reader

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