The world today is confronting edge-to-edge competition. From a young age, a person tends to feel the pressure! The pressure of becoming intelligent- more intelligent; smart- smarter with every passing day. He is expected to have perfect looks genetically, and if not, then acquire them by joining gyms, going to beauty centers, etc. However, this process of aiming for more and cultivating beauty destroys one’s individuality and autonomy to do what he wants. Therefore, there is a need for a supportive and considerate mentor who meticulously analyses a person’s potential and helps him perform to the optimum. There can be many types of mentors a person would meet in his lifetime.

Types of Mentors One Would Need to Succeed!

However, these are the 4 type of mentors one definitely needs in life to succeed:

The tower of strength:

This mentor would be someone close to a person and gets affected by his success/failure. In any of the cases, this mentor would stick along through one’s thick and thin. He might be one’s friend/spouse/parent or a colleague. Not only he would support him when he loses that big chance of promotion, fails to get admitted to his favorite college, is trodden by tough career choices, but also helps a person do a self-analysis of what needed to be improved. He will be supportive, always hold the hand, wipe the tears or if the need be, even scold to make a person optimistic.

The diva of his field:

There is usually a person at one’s workplace who seems to be perfect for every task. People admire this person’s approach to handle a critical situation and the ability to come up triumphant. Chances are, not everyone is friendly with this person, but are silent observers and/or admirers. In order to gain from his skill set, one needs to first identify the traits in him that are interesting. Then, pen down the solutions this person thinks of in a tricky situation, notice the way he manages his routine and then adapt and learn accordingly. Also, one can consider a suggestion: walk up to them, let them know what a wonderful person they are in one’s notion and ask them to be a guide.

The stumbling block:

This person poses a challenge, but will mutely bring the best out of their opponent. He might be one’s rival in business, a competitor in a marathon or an academic adversary. One needs to notice his strong points because if he is a stumbling block, he must have the caliber that creates competition. An individual needs to be vigilant and acquire the traits that drive this kind of mentor to success. The jealousy factor would consequently thrust to success.

The one with tricks of the trade:

Skill can be taught, will cannot. While an individual needs to be willing enough to learn, none is born with prowess. Everyone needs to learn it. One needs a teacher to excel in any field. This would be someone who is experienced, can give personalized attention, and is open to a give a blunt, honest feedback. None wants a pat on the back until well-deserved. Only a person who has the insights of field will be worthy of being an astute judge. This person will pose as a good critic and will ultimately help the person to be the paragon of his field.

Why Should One Have Mentor?

Mentors shape an individual’s life and their guidance is well needed during one’s student life. Good mentoring can change a person’s life and needless to say, student life is the best phase of one’s life where a person can get different kinds of mentors at different stages. Like any good college, the erudite faculty at Sharda University plays the judicious role of mentoring its students. From the very beginning, our admission counselors offer the best course to every applicant, giving personalized attention. Then, teachers take the charge and support the students academically and personally.


No matter what stage of life a person is in, there are always some difficult situations that one faces at the crossroad of life. There were instances where people reached the top of Mount Everest but just missed the summit due to ill conditions. The gist is, no matter how perfect a person thinks he is, or the situations seem to be, guidance works as a lantern illuminating the thoroughfare to success. Each of the above-mentioned tutors will help a person walk the success road; one just needs to be open to learning. Mentors promote the ascent of an individual’s growth curve. However, the best kind of mentor, not scripted above is an individual himself. Decide to take on the world and be the type of mentor that helps you help yourself!

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