A consumer’s Average Attention Span Is 8 Seconds – 1 Second Less than a Goldfish — Dropping 4 Seconds Since 2000. Source

Okay, so basically a goldfish has even more attention span than you and me. Woah!

What is happening? Is the falling attention span a drawback for marketers of today?

As we move towards the modern era and the attention span falls, do you think marketers would be able to survive without certain necessary skills?

What are the “marketing skills” that a modern marketing expert must have? With the changing times, marketing has evolved considerably in terms of scope and skills.

As of now, the skills required for marketing, by a marketer are not limited to a particular field. In fact, it is so vast that we could never even imagine.

To succeed in life, adapting these skills is not an option- YOU HAVE to HAVE out of the box skills.

In fact, ‘thinking OUT-OF-THE-BOX’ is the first thing you are taught when you study the MBA (Marketing) degree.

What are the skills a marketer must have?

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to analyze situations and/or statements, and determine their validity.

Remember the day in college when your professors talked about developing critical thinking skills! If you followed their instructions properly, you would realize how they were actually doing you a favor.

Identifying a list of critical thinking skills is NOT as easy as it seems. While there are plenty of critical skills, a marketer does not need to have all of them.

Some of the critical thinking skills that a marketer must be a pro at include interpretation, inference, evaluation, explanation and self regulation.

Activity Time: What to grow your critical thinking skills? Try this simple exercise-

Think of something someone recently told you. The question yourself-

Who said it?

What did they say?

Where did they say it?

When did they say it?

Why did they say it?

How did they say it?

Analytical Skills

Successful marketers are analytical thinkers. They have some idea about the huge amount of data available and have the skills that help them understand consumer behavior, the efficiency of various marketing approaches and more.

A good marketer knows how to look beyond the data at hand. He analyses the trends and picks the best one to make his marketing efforts even more successful.

Critical thinking and analytical skills help in breeding creative thinking, which in turn solves problems.

Experience with contemporary digital tools, platforms, and channels

Imagine carrying a Nokia 1208 in the era of Android and iOS! Super weird, isn’t it?

Now and then, there is a new tool in the market. Marketers need to remain up to date with the latest tools and technologies.

If marketers do not upgrade their knowledge along with the ever-up-to-date digital platforms, the time wouldn’t be far when they would fail.

In the marketing world, there is no room for people who do not upgrade. You miss out one upgrade, and your entire career could be at stake.

Trust me; it’s that HUGE.

It is mandatory for a marketer to be a skilled writer. The creation of compelling content that tells a story is the need of the hour.

Besides having a way with words, they must know short hand tricks of formatting, keywords, and visuals.

Soft Skills

Are you able to communicate with colleagues efficiently? Can you convey your message to people without any difficulty?

Soft skills are mandatory for people from all sorts of professions, but for a marketer, this skill is indispensable.

Being a great marketer isn’t about knowing things. It is also about how you communicate with your colleagues, how friendly you are with them and how easily you converse with others.

Flexibility, friendliness, and communication are the important parameters.

We are not telling you to be the jack-of-all-trades. Of course, it would be an extremely time consuming and exhausting process. However, as an effective marketer, it is important that try to close all loopholes.

After all, once you set your foot in the marketing field, you do not want to be unaware of anything that could break the deal.

Also, as you continue to evolve as a person, make sure you brush up your skills.

Remain stagnant or Go with the flow!

I’m sure you budding marketers don’t want to become the next Nokia!

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