Each year, a large number of students do planning for post-graduation courses in India. It is generally observed that Bachelor’s degree is no longer enough for getting a well-paying job. Acknowledging this, many students are opting to study PG programs to open the doors for lucrative job opportunities and steady career progression. Also, there are students who are pursuing their PG after working for a certain period just to have a specialized qualification that immediately results in a higher post.

If you’re someone who is about to finish a graduate degree without any post-graduation plan, it’s high time to give a serious thought because finding a good job with a bachelor’s degree can be a tough challenge for the grads, excluding those high-calibre folks.

What can a post-graduate degree do for your career?

One reason is precisely simple – it comes as a bonus to your career. The second reason for thinking about a ‘post-grad qualification’ is a wider range of job opportunities. For instance: getting a master’s degree in human resource management will surely be noticeable by employers in HR industry as a key professional credential for aspiring graduates and bring along a wealth of opportunities at many different levels.

Besides giving a boost to your career prospects, higher education brings you the better chance to understand a subject you are really interested in. It advances your knowledge and skills which majority of employers value a lot. Maybe that’s the main driving factor why students are showing interest in postgraduate courses with specialization than general UG degrees.

What’s more?

The postgraduate qualifications guarantee better-earning potential because the value of professionals with a masters degree is very high in the industry. It gives you the edge over your competitors on the basis of employment outlook, designation, and a better career prospect.

Increasingly, there are many recognized educational institutions like Sharda University offering various industry-oriented courses in response to the current industry requirements. A specialized master degree stands out as a “door-opening” qualification and facilitates a smooth entry into the job market for the young aspirants.

Options for You if You’re Planning for Post-Graduation

Here are few master’s degree programs offered by the Sharda University to open up better career opportunities –

  • MBA Dual Specialization (with Foreign Study Tour)

A two-year Dual specialization MBA program aims at preparing the students for the most responsible designations. The course is for students who are planning to take up leadership roles in the industry. It gives intensive inputs in general and functional management areas with dual specialization. With a major emphasis on global exposure through foreign tours, the course sharpens management and analytical skills, which is essential for effective decision making in complex business operations.

Career prospects – banks, security firms, insurance companies, Corporate Treasury, Business Operations, Credit Analysis and various financial organizations

  • M.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication)

It primarily deals with Mass communication, public relations, journalism, and advertising. The curriculum of this well-structured and comprehensive Master’s degree course includes hands-on production work and theoretical papers. It allows the students to experience the full range of technical expertise, conceptual skills, as well as professional media expertise with social commitment.

Career Prospects – television producers, feature film directors, documentary filmmakers, reporters, editors, camerapersons, writers, teachers, scholars, production designers, graphic novelists and installation artists.

  • M.Tech Degree

An M.Tech degree qualifies a student for higher roles and helps to provide in-depth knowledge of your brand of engineering. The program curriculum covers the course-work via theoretical and practical classes. They provide the best platform for technical skills and creativity at the postgraduate level.

However, top institutions like Sharda University offer a wide choice of specializations in the M.Tech course like Animal Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Computer Science, Instrumentation & Controls, Energy & Environmental Engineering, Nanotechnology, Mobile Computing, Cyber Security Microwave Technology and more.

Career Prospects – Telecommunication, Research, Defense Research, Power Equipment Industries, Electronic industries, Metro Rail Projects, Infrastructure Development Companies, Surface Water Development Agencies, Government, Non-government and private sectors.

  •  LLM Course

There is a huge demand for a law course. For LLM, there are few great options to consider such as Corporate Law, Energy Law, International Law and Criminal Law. Depending on your interests, you can pursue any course and get a rewarding career.

Career Prospects – NGOs, research bodies, non-PSU, non-government sector, corporate sector, Judiciary, banks, Sales Tax and Excise Departments.

  • Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

This is the most popular among students. The course primarily deals with the introduction of computer science, mathematical foundations, structured systems analysis, software testing, and IT management. Moreover, a career in Computer Applications is not just being a troubleshooter or software developer. But solving problems in the vast field of computer science environment of your choice.

Career Prospects – Government agencies, private IT companies, Software Application Architecture firm, Software Consultants.

On a concluding note

At the present time, a PG degree with the specialized skills is a surefire way towards a dream-career. So, it really makes sense that you start exploring the various Postgraduate courses. Instead, criticizing the master’s degree as an artefact of a low-value private investment, start looking.

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