At times, working on small things can lead to a significant career, which is especially true in the case of Nanotechnology. R & D work in this field has led to a plenty of job opportunities for the aspirants.

Considering the advancements in this branch of science, it seems likely that nanotechnology could be the next economic revolution. Why? Well, less is more, and we like our gadgets to be smaller than ever. Imagine, choosing a field that is new and exciting and expected to impact nearly every facet of our lives?

Fascinating right? Indeed!

The Nanotechnology implementation in India is predicted to be larger than the IT and internet boom. Enrolling for a higher degree course in this field will be an added advantage with a promising future.

Know more about the way to encash a rewarding career in Nanotech.

What are the Academic Requirements?

Nanoscale deals with the interactions of matter, and thus, is an absolute part of all the three branches of science- physics, chemistry, and biology. It is an interdisciplinary field – one where science and engineering overlap.

Pursuing an M.Tech. In Nanotechnology and paying attention to the developments of this discipline will give you the sound basis for a broad range of careers.

This 2-year post-graduate programme includes the study of nano-materials, and the course includes projects and lab works. The course exposes students to fundamental subjects such as meta-materials, molecular electronics, and nano-bio technology. This course also explores the scope, impacts, and challenges in the rapidly changing nanotechnology field.

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Soaring Pace of Nanotechnology in India

Mentioned below are some areas where this new emerging branch has set green flags. Nanotechnology is incorporated into a vast array of products and processes including:

  • Material Science
  • Water treatment
  • Healthcare & Medicine
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Air pollution remediation
  • Environmental clean-up & toxicity
  • Wireless communication and privacy
  • Energy storage, production, conversion
  • Semiconductors (e.g., flash memory, hard drives)

Nanotechnology in Medicine

Medical scientists and technicians use nanotechnology for patient treatments, such as repairing cellular damage. Presently, some medical nano-technology concepts are only theoretical, but other nanotechnology treatments are currently being researched or tested.

According to the U.S. BLS, these medical scientists earned a median annual income of $ 80,530 in May 2016 and are expected to see an 8% increase in jobs during the 2014-2024 decade.

Nanotechnology in Food Science

Experts in the food science industry implement nanotechnology throughout the stages of food production, processing, and quality control. The application of this subject is used in keeping the food fresher for longer durations.

As per BLS, food scientists and technologists earned a median salary of $65,840 per year in 2015, and the job profile is expected to experience 3% employment increase from 2014 to 2024.

Nanotechnology in Engineering

Engineers utilise nanotechnology for varied purposes, such as creating explosive-resistant materials, manufacturing computer components and building microscopic sensors. In the IT industry, engineers use nano-wires and optics to produce microchips with immense storage capacity for data processing.

The scope is not only limited to the information technology sector; there are also other engineering branches like mechanical, electrical, civil, aerospace and so forth that witness the implementation of Nanotechnology.

BLS statistics reported that engineering jobs are projected to grow 3% from 2014 to 2024, adding about 67,200 new jobs.

How impressive that growth is!

M.Tech. Nanotechnology career is worth pursuing. Soon, there will be the demand for professionals from this branch, looking at the statistics of different fields. If you want to ensure that you invest in a game-changing prospect, let this branch be your hit point, and you will reap best of the opportunities.

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