Are you the type of person who has an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) when it comes to making sure the details are recorded meticulously? Are you a multitasking genius who enjoys having a set routine in life? Do you find it absolutely thrilling to work on new projects every day? Wouldn’t it be great if you found a career in the same lines as well?

DID YOU KNOW? Medical Laboratory Technology Jobs are predicted to have an 18% increase by 2024.

As a professional, it is very important to make sure that your personal traits align with the profession you wish to pursue. If you love doing all the above things, a career in medical laboratory technology is a perfect idea. Because this career will help you to be a part of the ever-growing healthcare industry and work on a behind-the-scenes technical job.

If this really interests you, read on to see if you have all it takes to be a part of the medical lab technology fraternity.

Signs you are made to be a Medical Laboratory Technologist field

After researching a bit, we have derived a list of the most common characteristics a Medical Laboratory Technologist has. If you are able to relate, you know what to do.

  1. Science is your first love or Second

For a career as Medical Laboratory Technologist, it is good to have a strong background in chemistry, biology, and physiology. To be more specific, sufficient knowledge of tissues and cells and an expert understanding of chemical compositions is a must.

If such kind of knowledge gets you all excited, it is a sign that a career in Medical Laboratory Technology is right for you. Most medical laboratory technologists love to detect which organism has infected a patient and how to destroy it.

However, the good news is you don’t have to be a science genius from the age of Einstein. If you are curious about science and have a desire to learn, you can be a Medical Laboratory Technologist.

  1. You love getting into details

Everyone goes through a thing, but not everyone puts in the time and effort to understand the depth of a subject. The healthcare industry requires people who value accuracy, thoroughness, and love taking charge.

MLT’s have to compile, categorize, code and calculate their findings to help doctors determine a diagnosis. In fact, missing out on even the smallest of details can have direct implications on the patient’s’ health.

  1. You love doing one thing again and again

You love working for a 9-5 job and stay focused in the middle of a boring task. While the daily duties look boring, it is not at all so. The work brings new challenges each day which need to be dealt with the same amount of precision every time.

While the tests that are done might seem more or less repetitive, each one has to be treated individually. Moreover, a number of organizations allow their laboratory technologists to scan through different departments, which, in turn, keeps the job interesting.

  1. You enjoy working in the back-end team

There are a number of people who do not want to work on the front team and prefer working back-end. There is nothing wrong with it and in fact is a relaxed career option. As a medical laboratory technologist, your interaction with patients is equal to nil.

While you play a significant role in the system, you are away from the spotlight. Medical laboratory technician/ technologist skills involve a great deal of precision. You will spend your majority of time in a peaceful environment.

  1. Looking for stability

For people looking for job security and stability, the right career is in front of you! A job here assures stability both in your life and career.

As per Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for Medical Laboratory Technologists would increase at an average rate of 18% by 2024. This is much more when compared to other options.

Behind every great doctor is a great Medical Laboratory Technologist

As the healthcare industry is expanding, the need for medical laboratory technologists is on a rapid rise. This would also lead to a rise in the average salaries. Hint: The future is bright here.

While most other careers are for the long education process, MLT certification programs are just of 2 years. So, you get a chance to put on the white coats much earlier than doctors.

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