Mechanical Engineering Degree

Mechanical Engineering is an evergreen discipline for engineering students, which holds the title of being the oldest engineering branch. In fact, such an engineering stream is an amalgamation of many other core branches. It covers various areas like production, design, development, civil and research studies. So, do you still have a doubt about how can a mechanical engineering degree make it high? Scroll down!

Benefits of a Mechanical Engineering Degree

Talking about the scopes of mechanical engineering degree, there are different striking zones where one can grow personally and professionally. Also, the aspirants can go for government sectors like Defence, Research and Development (R&D) and PWD, to name a few. In the present time, there are many other attractive private jobs offered by MNCs nationally and abroad.

The aspirants need to make sure that they opt for the universities which can help them shape their career. Universities like Sharda University come with a lot of job opportunities for mechanical engineers. In addition, the university has good tie-ups with the leading companies, providing the best scope for growth. In fact, until the year 2017, more than 1800 MNCs have visited the University for hiring the talent.

Different Job Profiles

There is a vast pool of job opportunities for mechanical engineers. And, the opportunities are not just limited to Indian companies, but the pass outs have ample scope abroad as well. In the present time, these luring opportunities clearly highlight the importance of choosing mechanical engineering as a career.

Mechanical engineering is a branch which offers jobs in many sectors. For instance, one can opt for a career in navy or one can look for a job opportunity in research projects as well. Let’s have a look at some of the top listed job opportunities and choose the befitting one.

1. Design Engineer

Design engineers do not need to go for field work and can work in office setups. They need to check the layouts and work closely with the specifications of the company products. The whole product is designed under their supervision and as per the improvisations suggested by them.

The basic necessity for the job is to know about the design software like AutoCAD, CAD, and Solidworks, etc.

Salary: Design engineers get handsome remuneration that justifies their vast knowledge about different software. Location, company and the work type are also the determining factors in salary negotiations.

2. Acoustics Engineer

One can opt for this less known, but unique branch under engineering. The main requirement of the job is to deal with vibrations and sound. The major function performed by an acoustic engineer is to monitor noise levels and control it.

Mechanical as well as Civil engineers can opt for this job profile. Also, aspirants need to be well-versed with all the facts and should be clear about the skills required in the profile.

Salary: An average salary of an individual fresher is around INR 30,000.

3. Thermal Power Engineer

Thermal power engineer needs to deal with thermal behaviors of the product and the materials required for the production house. One needs to go for constant analysis like PFMEA (Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis) to ensure the suitability and durability of the manufactured products.

Salary: One may expect an average starting salary of INR 35,000 in a well-reputed company.

4. Robotics Engineer

A robotic engineer can do a lot by using their creativity. Like, they can create the future generation robotic toys and can also create special effects for amusement parks or for the film industry. In addition, robotics engineers can build robots to reach faraway places as well, where it is really difficult for the mankind to reach.

One must be aware of the designing software like CAD and CAM (Computer aided designing and computer aided manufacturing)

Salary: The average salary one can get is INR 25,000 to INR 35,000, depending upon the requirement of the software and company.

5. Automotive Engineer

Automotive engineering talks about the amalgamation of electrical, material science and mechanical engineering. Like, it’s all about designing new vehicles and that too by taking special care for the innovation.

Various parts involved in vehicles are also created by mechanical engineers. In addition, they work on vehicle’s different systems like engines, transmissions, and brake system as well.

Salary: The average salary of an individual can be from INR 40,000 to INR 80,000.

6. Tooling Engineer

A tooling engineer needs to create the drawings and modify the existing ones as per the required modifications in the product. In fact, one of the benefits of this job type is about having an office setup. Since such a job profile is promising, a tooling engineer gets ample opportunities to grow in both the aspects – in monetary terms as well as skill enhancement.

Salary: The average salary of the engineer can vary from INR 15,000 to INR 25,000.

7. Power Plant Engineer

Power plant engineers are the ones who take care of the resources required for the production. Also, it’s their responsibility from fuel to be used to the electricity flow in the industry, power plant engineer has a role in promoting a smooth operation of the whole plant. Hence, you can see, just a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering can help you build your career as a power plant engineer.

Salary: The average salary can vary from INR 40,000 to INR 45,000 per month.

Thus, overall, there are a lot of sectors where a mechanical engineer can create opportunities for a befitting career. Moreover, these limitless opportunities can definitely take the aspirant to places and help with the overall growth of an individual.

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