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WARNING: Bubble Breaker ahead. Pursuing an MBA degree DOES NOT GUARANTEE SUCCESS.

Have you been under the misconception that once you complete your MBA degree, your life is all set? Sorry, but it is just NOT true. Having an MBA degree does not guarantee success, nor does scoring good marks.

Enrolling in any random college will not assure you success.

If you are on the deciding curve of whether you should go for an MBA or not, read on the success stories of these two famous MBAs.

Famous MBA degree graduates

We all know about Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo. The Indian-American resident is an extremely successful and popular name in the business world. Despite having a science bachelor’s degree, she pursued an MBA degree from IIM, Calcutta.

The former US president, George W. Bush has an MBA degree. The famous politician belongs to the Harvard Business School famous alumni list. After graduating from Harvard in the year 1995, he went on to pursue a career in politics. And, we all know how successful his career has been. There is no doubt about the fact that Bush has done a lot to raise the profile of an MBA.

Are you thinking that if these guys can be successful then why not me? There is a very simple and easy answer to it. The two mentioned personalities had the zeal and enthusiasm to do something different. “Believers NOT dreamers”.

Basically, there are two types of people- One who do an MBA and the others who are passionate about it. Which category do you belong to? Find out now:

Don’t Dream about Success, work for it

One of the major decisive factors for a business student is how actively he/she participates in extracurricular activities. Activities like debating, event coordination, moot courts, MUNs, diversity programs, etc. are the success catalysts.

As per a research by a University, 73% students who participated and showed interest in extracurricular activities, landed up at higher-paying jobs than others.

Many people believe that only by having a degree in hand, you can get an extremely good package. If that would have been the case, then why would people from the same college get a package of INR 4 lakh and INR 12 lakh?

Here are a few things you need to ensure during your MBA to be successful not only during the course of your degree but also during the course of life.

  1. Active participation- Your professor just told you to help them with something which is NOT a part of your curriculum. It is a great sign. Go ahead and help them.
  2. Be a part of Research Projects- If nothing, it will improve your resume and would help you to get scholarships in the future.
  3. Know how to manage things- It is simple, you will NOT make money unless you know how to manage things.
  4. How popular is the school you selected? – The kind of job you land up in highly depends on the B-school you completed your degree from. Think again – Is your B-school good enough?
  5. Know what job you want? – If you want to be a finance professional and you are doing your MBA in hospital administration, you are screwing up big time.

Miss Anahita Sachdev, a final year MBA student at Sharda University has completed her internship at Microsoft. When we asked her how the “MBA career path” changed, she said: “I have been an active participant in most of the extra-curricular activities at school. I have been the class representative and have also competed at various elocutions. Moreover, I have also been the chief coordinator for events held at my school. All these factors combined gave me the confidence to apply at Microsoft and in turn, to get selected.” She adds,”If I can, you can too!”

As is evident, the degree you hold makes very little difference to your resume. In fact, other things like how passionately you do it, how interested you are, etc. form a part of your success story.

So, just don’t do an MBA, work for it, strive hard for it and the success is guaranteed.

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