M.Tech in plant biotechnology

M.Tech in plant biotechnology is a two-year postgraduate programme which focuses on providing information about the biotechnology methods in plants. The course revolves around providing students with a deep understanding of all the types of biotechnology processes, be it classical or modern plant biotechnology processes.

Plant biotechnology is involved in various fields like pharmaceutical industries for the synthesis of medicines, food industries, ecology, and in agricultural processes as well. The branch is research-based and thus, demands for extensive lab work for the advancement of the existing and production of the new products.

But now the question that arises is about what all it is going to take to excel in the field? Or What about the study pattern and curriculum? Will that be a right fit for you? So, let’s know about the curriculum of M.Tech in Plant Biotechnology first and help you come to a conclusion.

 All that you are Going to Study in M.Tech in Plant Biotechnology

As mentioned earlier, this is going to be a two-year program and will be divided into four semesters. Also, the course comprises of the amalgamation of biological sciences and engineering with the topping of required laboratory programs.

Outline of the Syllabus

Few topics of the syllabus will be:

  • Methods in plant biotechnology
  • Expression of plant genome
  • Methods for transformation of plants
  • Detection of genetically modified plants
  • Production of new products and substances by modifying the existing plants
  • Transformation of plants by bacteria and viruses
  • Synthesis of plant secondary metabolites, etc.

So, these are some of the subjects/topics that you are going to learn about. Also, if talking about the years, some of the concepts that you will be learning are:

Year 1: In year 1, you will be studying about the concepts like Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Global Challenges in Biology, Genomics & Bioinformatics, Commercialisation of Biotechnology Products, as well as, Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Quality Management Systems, Genes, Cells & Evolution, and Chemistry, etc.

Year 2: In year 2, you will be studying the concepts like Biostatistics & Experimental Design, Cell Structure & Function, Programming in the Large, and Probability & Statistics, as well as, Introduction to Bioinformatics, Plant-Microbe & Insect Interactions, Plant Biology, Fungi & Plant Diseases, and Plant Adaptation and Global Change, etc. will be your study areas.

Found them interesting and worth learning about? Moreover, the branch is all about doing practical work by knowing the theoretical aspects of the chosen topic. All these subjects can help you to become the leading plant biotechnologist in the industry.

Now, are you thinking about the job areas that you might get into after the course? So, let’s talk about them and make you breathe in the fresh air. Some of the best job areas that you can get into with this degree are:

  • Research Area (Government and private)
  • Academics
  • Related Production houses and industries
  • Entrepreneurship


To get into the course, you must have done your bachelor’s degree in B.Pharma, Biomedical Engineering, or Biotechnology.  Along with that, you can also join the course if you have done bachelor’s in Genetics, Agriculture, Molecular Biology, Physiology, and Life Science. Good institutes seek good grades along with the GATE or NET scores.

If you think you are the one who loves to research and can be a part of future inventions and creations, then this course is a fit for you. Join one of the best plant biotechnology institutes in India and get ready to be the part of a future career. Do not sit back and start somewhere today itself!

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