Sometimes you need to work on small things to get bigger opportunities! This aptly applies to the people interested in Nanotechnology. But, what is it? Nanotechnology is the branch of technology that deals with matter at molecular, atomic and supra-molecular scale. In simpler words, it is the technology that imparts information about nanoparticles and their properties.

It makes the students skilled enough to utilize the application of nanoscience in nano particles found in electronics, energy production, medical field, robotics, and similar areas.

Scope after M.Tech in Nanotechnology

Nano-scale is making its grip strong in different areas like medicine, electronics, food science, etc. As a result, the impact is increasing the scope area to get a professional space in the field. Do you want to be one of them? Here, we have a list of few job profiles that you can acquire after completing M.Tech in nanotechnology.

Applications Engineer

The core responsibilities of an application engineer are to coordinate the strategy, structure, and establishment of apparatus and hardware in a mechanical situation. Also, they analyze, plan, maintain, implement, resolve the problems, in complex systems, software or network that includes mini-computers, LANs, WANs, mainframes.

It’s their responsibility to look out the feature customizations and the software packages, according to the satisfaction of the customers.

Director of Research

The Director of Research is an administrative position dealing with the development of science. The individual at this post is answerable to the Senior Director of Development and Services. The Director of research leads and directs the prospect and research work, oversees the investigating staff and works intimately with the development officers as a partner in helping them accomplish their fundraising objectives.

Optical Engineer

Optical engineers are officials who plan the development and design of the gas, solid state lasers, masers, infrared, and other light emitting or light sensitive products.

They develop optical diagnostic instruments to be used in laser surgery.

Product Marketing Manager

A product marketing manager plays the role of supervising various hierarchical offices. They conduct statistical surveying on new items, set timescales for creating items, impact valuing and bundling, manages team issues. They gather information and market their products. Product marketing managers are the ‘voice of the client’ who deal with the customer needs and encounters.

Technical Program Manager

Technical Program Managers (TPMs) are accountable for dealing with specialized tasks for their association. They are in charge of starting projects, following up for their advancement, and filling in as help suppliers when issues emerge. They create work calendars and schedule for completion of task.

These are the few job profiles that M.Tech in nano technology offers. Choose the road you want to walk on! Remember, where there is science, there are possibilities.

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