LLM in International Law

Substantial payoffs for a hard-earned degree is what LLM in international law can promise you today. The specialized knowledge you gain through LLM in international law can help you earn bread & butter and that too while sitting in a five-star hotel. But the question that every course tags along is “Where should I do it from?”

The question is valid and should pop up in every mind before getting enrolled in any college in India or abroad. You should always be considerate towards all the valid options and contemplate thoroughly before cherry picking one. However, it is always confusing if one should study in India or abroad! Let’s know some facts and some best Indian institutions that can bring you out of the dilemma.

India & Its Renowned Teachers in LLM in International Law

India is well known for its academic background and educational spirits. In the same way, India is known for its teachers and their teaching skills. Law teachers like Prof N.R. Madhava Menon has made big in the world of law and has earned applause not just in India but abroad as well. Who wouldn’t want to learn under the guidance of such students?

India & Its Economy

India is a country which has come out as one of the strongest developing economies in the world. As per the stats, India has an emerging economy, which is already witnessing and will continue noticing a lot of development in the corporate and industrial sector. Such trends make it really interesting for the learners to have a practical as well as hands-on experience of such strong development. This also raises the opportunities or say the requirement of young lawyers who can deal with international tie-ups and international businesses.

India’s Improving Relationships

Any country would seek good relations with other countries around the globe. It can only strengthen the overall growth of the nation. India is one of those countries which is currently witnessing a lot of international tie-ups, be it for student exchange programs by colleges or universities or providing and accepting student visas around the globe. Thus, these emerging relationships and tie-ups call for lawyers who can deal with international relationships.

India & Specified Education system

Indian institutes offer courses which are subject specific, leaving students with a deep understanding of the subject. In many countries, unlike India, course outline is not just about the specific course but involves general subjects as well. However, in India, students can get a chance to get in a deep touch with the subject they want to study.

Indian Institutions

Indian institutions are less expensive as compared to the academic institutes around the world. But that doesn’t mean that they lack quality. Indian lawyers and the history of cases solved talk all about the quality of education Indian institutes can provide.  Some of the best institutes that provide LLM in international law are:

National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore

Acharya Nagarjuna University, Mumbai

ILS Law College – Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Pune

University of Mumbai – Department of Law, Mumbai

Sharda University, Greater Noida

Was doubting the Indian institutes and the quality of education in India? What about now? India’s constitution is the longest in the world and studying law in such a country can be one of the best decisions for any student. So, if you have an inclination towards doing LLM in international law, get enrolled in one of the best international law schools in India and get ready for a career that you can count on for your life.

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